Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Auction at Derby

Catalogue Sub-Index: Sheffield Railwayana, 15 December 2012


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Lot 403 31625, Elford
Lot 105 34104 at Victoria, Jeffries
Lot 311 55 010 at York, Price
Lot 425 60110 at Retford, Price
Lot 69 6028, King George V1, Heiron
Lot 184 Clifton Suspension Bridge, Heiron
Lot 232 Duchess of Rutland, Storr
Lot 136 Midland Compound, Ellis
Lot 273 Nuneaton Abbey Street, Moore
Lot 336 Stafford Road Shed, Veal
Lot 154 The Inter City, 6007, Perrin

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