Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Auction at Derby

Catalogue Sub-Index: Sheffield Railwayana, 15 December 2012


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Lot 155 Creat Central Railway, Trespass
Lot 284 Furness Railway, Trespass
Lot 10 GWR Private Path, To Station
Lot 93 Great Central Railway, Beware of Trains
Lot 17 Monmouthshire Railway & Canal Tresspass
Lot 75 SMJR, Tresspass
Lot 436 Shropshire Union Rly & C, Bridge Weight
Lot 364 Stick No Bills, Midland Railway
Lot 91 Taff Vale Railway, Bridge Restriction
Lot 438 Waterford Dungarvan & Lismore Rly, Gate

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