Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Auction at Derby

Catalogue Sub-Index: Sheffield Railwayana, 8 June 2013


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Lot 235 Blue Star Line Egg Cup
Lot 178 Caledonian Hotel Edinburgh Plate
Lot 143 Canadian Pacific Serving Plate
Lot 157 Canadian Pacific Steamship Bowl
Lot 391 Canadian Pacific Sugar Bowl
Lot 242 Cunard Cuboid Tea Pot
Lot 21 Cunard Cuboid Tea Set
Lot 364 Cunard Egg Cup
Lot 346 Cunard Oval Dish
Lot 409 Cunard White Star Sundae Dish
Lot 214 GWR Rosebud Kidney Dish
Lot 310 Herne Bay, RCH Jug
Lot 258 LMS Rosebud Tea Pot
Lot 350 LNER Cathedral Plates
Lot 123 LNER Grecian Bowl
Lot 117 LNER Grecian Jug
Lot 179 LNER Grecian Tea Pot
Lot 60 LNER Kesick Ashtray
Lot 332 LNWR Babies Plate
Lot 200 Midland Hotels Ashtray
Lot 40 Midland Railway Soup Plate
Lot 4 Orient Line China Bowl
Lot 291 Paddock Wood, SER Vase
Lot 270 S. Isle of Wight & S of E R M S P Co
Lot 289 Union Steamship Co Bowl

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