Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Auction at Derby

Catalogue Sub-Index: Sheffield Railwayana, 8 June 2013


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Lot 222 Barmouth, Stringer
Lot 274 Burns Bi-Centenery, Nicholson
Lot 198 Cambridge, Taylor
Lot 366 Chester, Buckle
Lot 401 Clyde Coast & Loch Lomond, Nicholson
Lot 294 Diesel Service, Smith
Lot 119 Dolgoch Station, Cuneo
Lot 31 Dunfermline, Steel
Lot 249 Dunoon, Black
Lot 208 East Coast Route, GN, NE & NBR
Lot 37 Edinburgh, Lee
Lot 67 Fountains Abbey, Russell
Lot 424 Golden Hind Introduction
Lot 396 Golfing, NBR
Lot 326 Green Arrow Service, Wolstenholme
Lot 23 Inverness, Cattermole
Lot 439 LMS In Perspective, The Locomotive
Lot 259 LNWR Hotels
Lot 151 Liverpool Cathedral, Kelly
Lot 19 Loco Firemen Required
Lot 340 London Town
Lot 313 Lune Valley, Bromshaw
Lot 434 Manx Electric Railway
Lot 14 Margate, Burley
Lot 142 Monessie Gorge, Cuneo
Lot 213 Northumberland & Durham, Blake
Lot 7 Pembrokeshire, Leach
Lot 77 Plymouth, Lander
Lot 105 River Dart Trips, Coble
Lot 33 SR System Map
Lot 131 Signal Success, Cuneo
Lot 281 Southern England, Langhammer
Lot 290 W.R. Modernisation, Wolstenholme
Lot 263 Western Highlands, Nicholson
Lot 237 York, Carr Linford
Lot 79 York, Spencer
Lot 186 Yorkshire, Clarke

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