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Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: 24 January 2014

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Lot 161 Early Paperwork: MIDLAND RAILWAY official writing paper headed "Midland Railway. The Best Route for Comfortable Travel and Picturesque Scenery" with B&W illustration of train at speed below. Unused, dated 190x. Slight foxing down edges. - This item was not sold.

Lot 162 Early Paperwork: GOLDEN VALLEY RAILWAY director's report and statement of accounts for the half year dated February 1879. 8pp, folded, very worn. - Sold for £45 to bidder number 1379.

Lot 163 Early Paperwork: Copy of the AGREEMENT between the GWR and LNWR re traffic on each others lines. Foolscap sized, 4pp dated 1907. Filing holes. - Sold for £22 to bidder number 4812.

Lot 164 Early Paperwork: CITY OF GLASGOW UNION RAILWAY mortgage deed for £500 dated 1871. - This item was not sold.

Lot 165 Early Paperwork: BISHOP AUCKLAND & WEARDALE RAILWAY payment receipt for £500 dated 1846 issued at their Darlington office. Ornately printed with engraving of company loco and coal wagons in country scene. - Sold for £65 to bidder number 1555.

Lot 166 Early Paperwork: BROMPTON AND PICCADILLY CIRCUS RAILWAY 6pp foolscap sized "Estimate of Expenses" for the construction of the line. Dated 1897. - Sold for £30 to bidder number 1555.

Lot 167 Early Paperwork: BUCKINGHAMSHIRE RAILWAY - OXFORD & BLETCHLEY LINE 4pp land purchase document dated 1847. Folded. - This item was not sold.

Lot 168 Early Paperwork: Early GWR Provident Society certificate showing acceptance into the scheme. Smaller sized, blue print with society logo in centre. Dated 1848. Some staining along bottom edge. - Sold for £22 to bidder number 1111.

Lot 169 Early Paperwork: Approx 25 MIDLAND RAILWAY circulars. 1 - 2pp, various subjects, dated late 1890s - early 1900s. Varying condition, most with acknowledgement slips removed. (Qty) - Sold for £10 to bidder number 820.

Lot 170 Early Paperwork: LIVERPOOL DOCKS foolscap sized 16pp document "The Accounts of the Trustees of the Liverpool Docks from June 1827 - June 1828". - This item was not sold.

Lot 171 Early Paperwork: ALBUM containing approx 200 items of early railway paperwork from mainly smaller companies including Scottish. (Qty) - Sold for £110 to bidder number 1555.

Lot 172 Early Paperwork: ALBUM containing 75 items of railway paperwork ranging from small pre grouping companies to BR. (Qty) - Sold for £18 to bidder number 1871.

Lot 173 Manufacturer's Catalogues: W.G. BAGNALL LTD catalogue No.19 "Steam, Electric and Internal Combustion Locomotives". Clothbound hardback covers with title in gold on front, 72pp, fully illustrated, published circa 1910s. Minor cover wear and some damp staining to bottom edge of contents. - Sold for £60 to bidder number 657.

Lot 174 Manufacturer's Catalogues: W.G. BAGNALL catalogue "Locomotives". Coloured pictorial card covers showing overseas loco, comb binding, 48pp, fully illustrated. Circa 1950s. VGC. - Sold for £14 to bidder number 384.

Lot 175 Manufacturer's Catalogues: KERR STUART & CO. catalogue "Kerr, Stuart's Locomotives - Ready for Immediate or Prompt Delivery". Paperback, 22pp fully illustrated, dated 1924. - Sold for £20 to bidder number 1133.

Lot 176 Manufacturer's Catalogues: HUDSWELL CLARKE catalogue "B" showing locomotives produced by the company. Green, hardback covers with title in white on front, 32pp, fully illustrated, dated 1907. Good condition. - Sold for £75 to bidder number 3677.

Lot 177 Manufacturer's Catalogues: BABCOCK & WILCOX catalogue of products built by the company in Spain. 30+pp fully illustrated, circa 1930s. Text in Spanish. - Sold for £20 to bidder number 3230.

Lot 178 Manufacturer's Catalogues: BEYER PEACOCK publication "Locomotives by Beyer Peacock". Illustrated card covers, 64pp fully illustrated guide to the products of the company, dated 1946. Minor wear to corners of covers. - Sold for £26 to bidder number 2799.

Lot 179 Manufacturer's Catalogues: BEYER, PEACOCK & CO published booklet of Railway Gazette reprinted article "The High Speed Beyer-Garratt Locomotive". Paperback covers, 7pp dated 1933. - This item was not sold.

Lot 180 Manufacturer's Catalogues: HUWOOD-HUDSWELL brochure for various diesel mining locos. Illustrated paperback covers, 36pp fully illustrated glossy publication, dated 1954. - This item was not sold.

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