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Great Central Railwayana Ltd
14 School Street, Woodford Halse, Daventry, NN11 3RL

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Sale 179
of Railwayana and Printed Material

Emailed bids are welcome, but you must quote your bidding number (please phone for one if you are not yet registered with us). Your card details should be included, or a notification that you have posted a cheque to cover your bids (please state cheque number and account name).

Closing date: Friday 18th July 2014

Lots can be delivered to Stoneleigh on Saturday 11th October 2014.

Large and bulky items or large quantities should be collected from Woodford Halse if possible.

A cheque must be enclosed with your bids endorsed "Not to exceed £XXXX" (the maximum amount of your spend). Please refer to the bid form. Alternatively your debit/credit card details should be supplied (these details will be destroyed by shredding immediately after use, we do not store any card information).

Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • 1. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the description of lots but we hereby give notice that all statements, whether spoken or written, are those of opinion only and we do not hold ourselves liable for any errors or omissions. Obvious defects will be noted and unless stated otherwise, all items are considered by us to be in at least good to very good condition. Customers are reminded that certain lots may be fragile due to their age, wear, etc. When handling such material on viewing day at Stoneleigh Park, you are asked to treat it with the utmost care and attention.
  • 2. Carriage and packing will be charged extra at cost (subject to a minimum charge of £3). Items will be sent by Royal Mail. If requested on the bidding form, we will dispatch items by Special Delivery (with insurance up to £2,500) or Recorded Delivery (without compensation). It is also possible to insure items dispatched by Royal Mail Standard Parcels. All additional costs for these services will be passed on to the purchaser via the invoice. We always obtain a Certificate of Posting, but do not hold ourselves liable for loss or damage in transit once items have been handed over to Royal Mail.
  • 3. Bids should be made on the Bidding Form provided with the catalogue. The Bidding Form may also be downloaded from the website.
  • 4. All lots in this section carry a reserve which is published and in all cases will be no less than a minimum of £5. Bids may be for any amount in whole pounds (pence will be ignored) and the highest bidder on any lot will be successful. The amount of the bid paid by the successful bidder, which will be at one bidding step above the previous highest bidder, will be determined by bid increments as defined in the following scale:

Up to £10

£1 increments

Between £10 and £30

£2 increments

Between £30 and £100

£5 increments

£100 and £500

£10 increments

£500 and £1000

£20 increments

Over £1000

£50 increments

Please note that any bids received that do not conform to the increments shown in this table will be rounded up to the next legal bid above.

When there is only one bid at or above the reserve, the bidder will pay the reserve price. In the case of equal highest bids, the lot will go to the first bid received. Any unsold lots will be available to buyers for a period of 10 days after the auction at the reserve price on a "first come, first served" basis. Please contact Brian Moakes if you wish to make such an offer (Email: or 01234 391459).

  • 5. Bidders may indicate on the Bidding Form if they want to limit their overall spend. In this event, and unless we are instructed to the contrary, the order in which the bids are entered on the Bidding Form will be assumed to be the order of priority for the purpose of applying the overall limit.
  • 6. If bidders wish to make conditional bids (e.g. if unsuccessful with Lot XX then please bid on Lot YY etc.), please append your instructions clearly on a separate sheet attached to the Bidding Form. Please note we cannot accept "accumulator" bids whereby the unspent portion of one bid is transferred to another to bolster that bid.
  • 7. A Buyer's Premium of 12% (including VAT) will be raised on all items at the time of settlement.
  • 8. There are two methods of payment:
    (i) You may enclose with the Bidding Form a signed cheque made payable to "Great Central Railwayana Ltd" (please do not abbreviate) with the amount left blank, and endorsed "Not To Exceed £XXX" where XXX is the total of all your bids (or your spending limit) plus 12% Buyer's Premium (including VAT) and an allowance for packing and carriage. Please do not forget to sign your cheque! Your cheque will be returned if you are completely unsuccessful, otherwise we will enter on the cheque the amount due and an invoice will be enclosed with the lots you have successfully purchased.
    (ii) We also accept valid credit and debit cards in payment for items bought, but we will levy a transaction charge of 2% (in addition to all other charges) for credit card purchases. No charge is made for debit card purchases. You must indicate on the Bidding Form if you wish to pay by this method. Your card details should be entered on the Bidding Form.
  • 9. Special Note to Vendors: The commission rates for Postal Auction sales are as shown on the Auction Entry Form which must be completed when entering items for auction. Payment will be made to vendors within 10 days of the sale. It is the vendor's responsibility to clear any unsold lots after the auction at their own expense by arrangement with us. Any lots not so cleared within 9 months of the auction date, may be disposed of and the proceeds donated to charity.

Purchasing an Unsold Lot after an Auction

If a sale lot fails to attract a valid bid by the closing date of a Postal Auction, it will be shown as unsold in the Auction Results (available via the and websites). Any such unsold lots will be available to buyers for a period of 10 days after the auction at the reserve price on a £first come, first served£ basis. Please contact Brian Moakes to check if the lot is still available and to state your interest in aquiring it. Email: or telephone 01234 391459.

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