Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 188P, Closing Date: 13 February 2015

SRA Postal Auction: Manufacturer's Catalogues

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Lot 152 RAILWAY SUPPLIES CO catalogue of "Adlake Signal Lamps etc". Illustrated card covers, 62pp illustrated guide to products available. Dated November 1919. Damp staining to bottom of most pages. - This item was not sold.

Lot 153 NORTH BRITISH LOCOMOTIVE COMPANY folder containing specification for standard diesel hydraulic shunting locomotives along with other associated papers, photos and leaflets regarding company products. Circa early 1950s. - Sold for £24 to bidder number 657

Lot 154 TYER & COMPANY LTD "Electrical and Mechanical Signalling Engineers" catalogue. Illustrated paperback covers, 32pp illustrated guide, circa 1900s. - Sold for £90 to bidder number 3451

Lot 155 ANDREW BARCLAY SONS & CO LTD catalogue of spare parts for "Light Class" locomotives manufactured by the company. Card covers, 48pp, fully illustrated catalogue, published circa 1920s. - Sold for £30 to bidder number 1133

Lot 156 BEYER, PEACOCK & CO published reprinted article from Engineering "2000HP Ljungstrom Turbine Locomotive". Large size, paperback covers, 12pp dated 1927. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 246

Lot 157 CAPROTTI VALVE GEARS LTD published booklet "The Caprotti Valve Gear for Locomotives - handbook for shed and running staff". Hardback, 80pp with illustrations of locos equipped, circa 1930s. Creasing to covers. - Sold for £65 to bidder number 2161

Lot 158 Three J.STONE & COMPANY publications including maintenance notes on company Liliput dynamos, folder of generator spare parts, catalogue of electrical installations. Condition varies, last example poor. Circa 1920s - 50s. (3) - This item was not sold.

Lot 159 BRITISH INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION published hardback book "British Diesel Engine Catalogue". Clothbound covers with coat of arms on front, 317pp showing engine types from various manufacturers, 4th edition published 1957. Covers a little rubbed but OK. - Sold for £28 to bidder number 657

Lot 160 METROPOLITAN-VICKERS COMPANY published booklet "1899 -1949 Fifty Years in Brief". 44pp company history issued to commemorate the company's Golden Jubilee. Blue paperback covers, fully illustrated. - Sold for £22 to bidder number 657

Lot 161 RUSTON & HORNSBY "Instruction Manual" for the type LSSE diesel electric shunting loco (BR class 14). Green coloured folder type covers containing 100+ typescript pages, circa early 1960s. Slight wear to covers, contents OK. - This item was not sold.

Lot 162 BRITISH POWER RAILWAY SIGNAL COMPANY (Railway Signal Engineers and Contractors). Two fully headed letters sent to the GWR Slough, dated 1931. Plus Railway & Electric Appliances Company 4pp brochure describing railway points and cross-overs etc manufactured by the company. Undated. (2) - Sold for £16 to bidder number 4736

Lot 163 EDGAR ALLEN & CO (Sheffield) folder 'Trackwork Engineering'. Hardback folder with title in gold on front. Comb binding, 282pp detailing rail design, steel types and manufacture, crossings etc. Fully illustrated, dated 1961. - Sold for £55 to bidder number 3451

Lot 164 WESTINGHOUSE published booklet "Signalling at Johnston Station GWR". Grey card covers, 4pp glossy, fully illustrated reprint of article in the Railway Engineer published October 1937. - Sold for £16 to bidder number 4736

Total number of Lots in Manufacturer's Catalogues: 13.

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