Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 194P, Closing Date: 19 June 2015

SRA Postal Auction: Manufacturer's Catalogues

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Lot 162 ARMSTRONG WHITWORTH landscape format publication in English and Spanish. Illustrated card covers showing company loco, 56pp detailing locos built by the company. Circa 1940s. VGC. - Sold for £80 to bidder number 1063

Lot 163 ROBERT STEPHENSON & HAWTHORNS LTD. booklet "Locomotives". 80pp fully illustrated guide to locos constructed by the company with text in English, French and Spanish. Circa 1940s. Covers very worn, spine taped. - Sold for £50 to bidder number 657

Lot 164 R. STEPHENSON & HAWTHORNS LTD booklet "Main Line Locomotives by R. Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd". Pocket sized, 30+pp with photographs and technical details of locomotives produced by the company with text in four languages. Circa 1930s. Some creasing of covers. - Sold for £45 to bidder number 246

Lot 165 ANDREW BARCLAY SONS & CO LTD catalogue of spare parts for "Light Class" locomotives manufactured by the company. Card covers, 48pp, fully illustrated catalogue, published circa 1920s. - Sold for £10 to bidder number 820

Lot 166 ANDREW BARCLAY SONS & CO LTD rule book type publication "Instructions for Drivers of Industrial Locomotives". Illustrated clothbound hardback covers show loco, 32pp circa 1920s. VGC. - Sold for £10 to bidder number 820

Lot 167 ROBERT HUDSON & SONS LTD South Africa edition "Light Railway Equipment" folder containing several glossy coloured brochures, many relating to mining operations. Circa mid 1950s. - Sold for £18 to bidder number 4960

Lot 168 THOMAS HILL (Rotherham) card folder containing glossy brochure and specification for company "Planet" type 0-4-0 shunting locos. Circa mid 1950s. Plus later folder of details for company 0-6-0 Vanguard type locos, circa 1970s. (2) - Sold for £18 to bidder number 657

Lot 169 PECKETT & SONS smaller sized, catalogue type booklet "Abridged Illustrated List of Tank Engines". 28pp, paperback, dated 1938. - Sold for £18 to bidder number 829

Lot 170 HK PORTER COMPANY (Pittsburgh) catalogue of "Steam Locomotive Repair Parts". Brown card covers, 83pp illustrated guide to company products. Dated 1913. Marking to covers, some foxing. - Sold for £95 to bidder number 3451

Lot 171 LAMP MANUFACTURING COMPANY LTD catalogue of railway carriage and signal lamps. Artwork covers, 32pp, fully illustrated, circa 1900s. Covers very poor, spine taped, contents OK. - Sold for £95 to bidder number 3451

Lot 172 RAILWAY SIGNAL COMPANY LIMITED catalogue B1 "Control of Traffic on Railways by the Webb-Thompson Miniature Train Staff and Auxiliary Apparatus". Hardback, 94pp, fully illustrated, circa late 1910s. - Sold for £70 to bidder number 864

Lot 173 WESTINGHOUSE BRAKE & SAXBY SIGNAL CO booklet "Electro Pneumatic Signalling at Southport L&YR". Artwork card covers, 27pp, fully illustrated reprint from the Railway Gazette Magazine, May 1919. Dog-eared, creased and worn. Paul Edwards library label inside front cover. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 3794

Lot 174 WESTINGHOUSE BRAKE & SIGNAL CO published booklet "Retarders - Modern Hump Yard Equipment". Photo illustrated card covers, comb binding, 18pp, circa late 1930s. - Sold for £18 to bidder number 225

Lot 175 SIEMENS AND GENERAL ELECTRIC RAILWAY SIGNAL COMPANY LIMITED hardback book detailing company signalling equipment. 488pp, dated 1947. Covers worn. - This item was not sold.

Lot 176 J.STONE & CO booklet "Equipment for British Railways New Diesel Pullman Trains". Fully illustrated glossy publication with coloured photo covers showing the Blue Pullman set. 12pp dated 1960. - Sold for £40 to bidder number 3451

Total number of Lots in Manufacturer's Catalogues: 15.

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