Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 212P, Closing Date: 10 June 2016

SRA Postal Auction: Manufacturer's Catalogues

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Lot 185 W.G. BAGNALL Ltd. catalogue. Clothbound hardback covers with loco illustration in gold on front, 122pp, fully illustrated, dated 1907. Some edge wear to covers, bindings very loose. - Sold for £160 to bidder number 2991

Lot 186 W.G. BAGNALL. 30 official photographic cards showing B&W views of company locomotives. Reverse side shows technical details. No apparent duplication. (30) - Sold for £28 to bidder number 2154

Lot 187 HUNSLET hanging advertising card showing coloured view of 2-8-2 tender loco on the narrow gauge Barsi Light Railway, India. 11" x 8", circa 1940s. Good condition. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 907

Lot 188 ROBERT STEPHENSON & HAWTHORNS Ltd catalogue of company products. Coloured card covers illustrated with examples of products, 22pp, fully illustrated circa 1930s. - Sold for £40 to bidder number 657

Lot 189 HENSCHEL & SOHN brochure for fireless locos built by the company. Coloured illustrated covers showing loco type, 4pp circa 1925. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 246

Lot 190 BEYER GARRATT. French version of the company brochure "Locomotives Articulees". Illustrated card covers, 82pp detailing locos built for various companies, circa 1930s. Text in French. Slight cover wear. - Sold for £10 to bidder number 820

Lot 191 BEYER PEACOCK & CO published 24pp booklet "Engineering Pupils' Scheme". Illustrated paperback covers showing company articulated locos, 15pp circa 1950s. - Sold for £14 to bidder number 657

Lot 192 GLOUCESTER RAILWAY CARRIAGE & WAGON COMPANY LTD "Diary and Directors' Calendar for 1907". Hardback book type publication, 304pp with illustration of company products interleaved with diary pages. Bindings very loose. - Sold for £14 to bidder number 657

Lot 193 BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE CO published binder "Baldwin Locomotive Details". 500+pp handbook of parts and general information in clothbound hardback covers. Issued 1921. Covers marked and well used. - Sold for £65 to bidder number 3451

Lot 194 WR SYKES INTERLOCKING SIGNAL COMPANY reprinted article re the system at LBSCR Victoria station in 1910. Large sized illustrated covers, 11pp, fully illustrated. Some wear to edge of covers. - Sold for £18 to bidder number 4283

Lot 195 WESTINGHOUSE instruction book "The Westinghouse Automatic Brake". Green clothbound covers with title in gold on front, 95pp plus fold out diagrams, dated 1903. - This item was not sold.

Lot 196 WESTINGHOUSE BRAKE & SIGNALLING CO published booklet "Signalling Waterloo to Hampton Court Junction, Southern Railway". Green and gold card covers, 28pp, no fold out map, photo illustration on front cover missing. Dated 1936. - This item was not sold.

Lot 197 WESTINGHOUSE published booklet "Thirty Years of Power Signalling 1897-1927". Blue card covers, 22pp glossy, fully illustrated publication dated February 1928. - Sold for £20 to bidder number 657

Lot 198 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY published booklet "The Electric Divisions of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St.Paul Railway". Coloured pictorial covers showing electric loco, 42pp fully illustrated guide to the equipment used in the project. Dated December 1920. - This item was not sold.

Lot 199 HALE AND KILBURN COMPANY (USA) brochure for "Steel Interior Finish and Trim for buildings, railway cars and ships". Large size, landscape format, illustrated covers, 18pp circa 1920s. - This item was not sold.

Lot 200 RICHARD GARRETT & SONS list of parts for the "Garrett Overtype Steam Wagons". Paperback, 24pp, circa 1920s. Very poor condition. - Sold for £60 to bidder number 8137

Lot 201 ROBEY OF LINCOLN. Approx 12 items of company literature including catalogues, instructions, parts lists, etc. Circa 1920s - 50s. (Qty) - Sold for £150 to bidder number 246

Total number of Lots in Manufacturer's Catalogues: 17.

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