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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: 9th December 2016

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Lot 101 General Books 3: BR(S & W) Branch Line Investigating Committee document proposing the withdrawal of the Southern Region connecting line from the west side of Sutton Road and send traffic via the Western Region route. Five foolscap sized typescript pages plus plan of branch. Dated January 1950. - Sold for £75 to bidder number 4995.

Lot 102 General Books 3: RAILWAY EXECUTIVE foolscap sized, landscape format book "Standard Card Tickets". Card covers, nine pages of specimen tickets. Dated March 1952. Plus BR(E) King's Cross Division book of diagrams of switches and crossings at locations in the division. 24 pages dated January 1981. (2) - Sold for £14 to bidder number 2232.

Lot 103 General Books 3: BTC foolscap sized, landscape format book "Standard Card Tickets". Thick card covers, 88pp showing illustrations of various ticket types. Dated June 1958. Includes amendments No. 2 & 3. - Sold for £14 to bidder number 2232.

Lot 104 General Books 3: BRITISH TRANSPORT COMMISSION "BEECHING REPORT" "The Reshaping of British Railways". Two part report, part 1 148pp report and part 2 containing maps. Published 1963. - Sold for £22 to bidder number 7699.

Lot 105 General Books 3: Three DONCASTER LOCOMOTIVE AND CARRIAGE WORKS brochures circa 1950-1960. Plus Post Office Railway 8pp illustrated brochure and BRB annual report and accounts dated 1964. Also OS Nock hardback book "The Locomotives of Sir Nigel Gresley" (worn). (Qty) - Sold for £8 to bidder number 296.

Lot 106 General Books 3: BR(M) report "Freight Traffic Plan". Card covers containing 66 typescript page report plus fold out diagrams. Dated November 1958. - Sold for £28 to bidder number 4812.

Lot 107 General Books 3: TRAVELLING POST OFFICE route book for the Down & Up Special TPOs between London, Crewe, Carlisle and Aberdeen, issued to help mail bag apparatus staff to become familiar with the route. 27pp dated October 1945. - Sold for £45 to bidder number 3402.

Lot 108 General Books 3: ROAD TRANSPORT BOARD (Board of Trade) "Handbook on Road Transport". Card covers, 114pp plus two large fold out maps. Dated 1918. - This item was not sold.

Lot 109 General Books 3: FOOLSCAP SIZED, 9 typescript page paper "Practical Traffic Problems of the West Country" by DH Hawkeswood read at the Railway Students Association Annual Convention at Exeter on 10th July 1954. - This item was not sold.

Lot 110 General Books 3: BIRMINGHAM LOCOMOTIVE CLUB spotter's type pocket books of industrial locos. Southern England (1958) x4, Eastern England (1960), Durham (1962), West Midlands (1957), East Midlands (1963), North Riding of Yorkshire (1963), Lancashire (1952) x2, South Wales (1951), South Eastern England (1958) x2, Yorkshire (1954). Condition varies, many annotated and worn. (15) - Sold for £40 to bidder number 1331.

Lot 111 General Books 3: Seven NOTEBOOKS containing details of visits to various locations. Each contains detailed notes on the location and locos seen, some having additional information and diagrams. Dated mid 1940s to mid 1950s. Fascinating reading. (7) - Sold for £100 to bidder number 2677.

Lot 112 General Books 3: Three personal note books written by C.WILLIAMS (LNWR) giving details of S&DR, GWR, LNER locos. Written 1920s. (3) - This item was not sold.

Lot 113 General Books 3: AIDEN FULLER published "The British Locomotive Shed Directory". 112pp 7th edition dated April 1956. - Sold for £18 to bidder number 2780.

Lot 114 General Books 3: THOMAS CE catalogue of railway related books and ephemera. Green paperback covers, 38pp dated 1931. Fading to edges of cover, contents heavily annotated. - Sold for £22 to bidder number 234.

Lot 115 General Books 3: DUNN L. "Passenger Liners". Clothbound hardback covers, 452pp plus adverts, published by Adlard Coles in 1961. Details the passenger ships of all the shipping companies. - Sold for £26 to bidder number 3477.

Lot 116 General Books 3: ORIENT LINE hardback book "The Norwegian Fjords". Blue clothbound covers with title in gold on front and spine. 129pp published circa 1930s. VGC. - This item was not sold.

Lot 117 General Books 3: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY official booklet "The Exporters' Guide to the Docks of the Port of London". Card covers, 20pp dated January 1966. - Sold for £22 to bidder number 3477.

Lot 118 General Books 3: ALBUM of paperwork and information relating to the EAST & WEST JUNCTION & STRATFORD-ON-AVON TOWCESTER & MIDLAND JUNCTION RAILWAYS and related companies. Includes envelope, memo, letter, lamp label and several cuttings and pages of information. - Sold for £95 to bidder number 2920.

Lot 119 General Books 3: BOX FILE of information relating to the SMJR. Mostly magazines containing photos and articles on the line but also containing a list of signalling staffs from the line destroyed at Crewe S&T Department and replaced with alloy key tokens. - Sold for £210 to bidder number 2920.

Lot 120 Share Certificates: BISHOPS CASTLE RAILWAY COMPANY share certificate for one £10 share dated 1876. Ornate scrolled title, embossed seal, not cancelled. VGC. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 2232.

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