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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th June 2017

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Lot 441 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: LBSCR ink blotter type advertising card showing system map and adverts. VGC. - Sold for £55 to bidder number 393.

Lot 442 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: SECR guide and timetable "Great Britain's Highway to and From The Continent - Services to and from Paris, Brussels, etc". Pocket sized booklet, 64pp with red and black decorative covers, dated May 1906. Small label on front cover explaining that Charing Cross station will no longer be used for continental services. - Sold for £30 to bidder number 249.

Lot 443 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: L&YR publication "ABC Guide to the Towns and Pleasure Resorts upon the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway". Green, clothbound hardback covers, 260pp guide with fold out maps. Intended to be located in company carriages and strung in l/h corner to facilitate this. Circa 1890s. A little worn. - Sold for £18 to bidder number 1143.

Lot 444 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: GNR, NER AND NBR colour brochure "East Coast Route - Shortest and Most Popular Route". Colour pictorial paperback covers showing speeding train, 16pp plus fold out map, circa 1900s. Good condition. - Sold for £28 to bidder number 1053.

Lot 445 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: NER official publication "Holidays in North Eastern England - York and the North East, Yorkshire Dales & Moors". Brown and salmon coloured artwork paperback covers, 32pp centre folding booklet with fold out map. Circa 1910s. Rusty staples, slight wear. - This item was not sold.

Lot 446 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: NER "Tourist Programme" dated May 1904. Paperback, foolscap sized, covers showing system map and views of local sights. 100pp, faults to very worn covers. - This item was not sold.

Lot 447 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: LNWR 12pp fold out type brochure "The Old Favorite Scenic Line - the direct line from London to the North of England etc". Illustrated covers showing Euston arch, opens to show system map with information on reverse. Dated 1895. - This item was not sold.

Lot 448 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: LNWR guide book "Information for Visitors to Great Britain". Coloured artwork paperback covers, 60pp plus fold out map. Illustrated guide to major sights in the country, circa 1910s. Minor cover creasing. - Sold for £12 to bidder number 819.

Lot 449 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: LNWR official publication "Where to Spend the Holidays - favourite resorts in north & central Wales, the English Lake District, Scotland & Ireland". Grey and orange pictorial covers, 102pp plus fold out map, dated 1906. Fare and travel information pages at the end missing. - This item was not sold.

Lot 450 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: LNWR publication "Seaside Farmhouse & Country Lodgings, Boarding Houses & Hotels". 54pp guide in coloured pictorial paperback covers. Published by Walter Hill & Co in 1901. Spine wear and some staining. - This item was not sold.

Lot 451 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: GER publicity booklet "Cathedral Route from London (Liverpool Street Station) to the East Coast, Liverpool and the North of England and Scotland". 28pp plus fold-out map. Details train services and continental connections. Coloured pictorial covers show Lincoln and Norwich Cathedrals and company ships. Produced for the American market and dated February 1922. VGC. - Sold for £10 to bidder number 819.

Lot 452 Official Publications Pre-Grouping: GER 36pp handbill type booklet "Excursions from London (Liverpool Street) and suburban stations". Printed on pink coloured paper, dated May 1922. Slightly rusty staples. - Sold for £45 to bidder number 621.

Lot 453 Official Publications GWR: GWR & LMS 6pp fold out leaflet "Welsh Industry by Rail - Industrial Wales Exhibition August 1947". red and green print with Welsh dragon on front. - Sold for £18 to bidder number 1338.

Lot 454 Official Publications GWR: GWR 12pp centre folding brochure "Devon". Brown and black pictorial covers by Baker showing harbour scene. Dated 1937 season. VGC. - Sold for £45 to bidder number 1181.

Lot 455 Official Publications GWR: GWR Programme of the Visit of the Japanese Commercial Mission to the GWR Locomotive, Carriage and Wagon Works, Swindon on January 2nd 1922. Card covers showing title in gold and coat of arms of the company. 6pp guide, programme and timetable plus plates and fold out system map and plan of works. - Sold for £45 to bidder number 412.

Lot 456 Official Publications GWR: GWR. Souvenir booklet of the GWR Centenary 1835-1935 and the company's association with Bristol. Yapp-edged card covers with company coat of arms and illustration of the GWR station at Bristol. 24pp illustrated history. - Sold for £24 to bidder number 1154.

Lot 457 Official Publications GWR: GWR 6pp "List of Guests" for banquet to commemorate the company centenary held at Grosvenor House, London, October 1935. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 4734.

Lot 458 Official Publications LMS: LMS official publication "Ports Owned and Served by the LMS 1932". Illustrated card covers showing ship in port, 128pp plus 55pp of advertisements and several pull out diagrams. Faults and wear to spine. - Sold for £80 to bidder number 1644.

Lot 459 Official Publications LMS: LMS booklet "Cheap Fares from London". Red and black illustrated covers showing penny and rail track, 68pp dated 1935. - This item was not sold.

Lot 460 Official Publications LMS: LMS booklet "Cheap Fares from Leamington". Red and black illustrated covers showing penny and rail track, 58pp dated 1935. - Sold for £26 to bidder number 7547.

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