Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 238P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th Dectember 2017

SRA Postal Auction: Timetables (Public)

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Lot 253 Bound volume NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE RAILWAY PTTs dated May, July and October 1900. Bound with various alteration supplements into clothbound hardback covers. Spine faded, some detached pages. £200.00

Lot 254 GNR PTT dated October 1905. Coloured pictorial covers showing loco & train and coastal scene. Foolscap sized, 198pp plus fold out map. Slight cover wear and tape repair inside rear cover. £50.00

Lot 255 LBSCR PTT dated June 1911. Illustrated paperback covers showing 'Victoria New Station'. Foolscap sized, 166pp plus fold out map. £50.00

Lot 256 LNWR PTT dated July 1901. Red and black illustrated covers showing system map. Foolscap sized, 253pp plus tourist programme and fold out maps. £10.00

Lot 257 LNWR PTT dated July 1922. Foolscap sized, brown covers, 323pp plus fold out map. £10.00

Lot 258 GWR PTT dated October 1902. Red, blue and black pictorial covers showing places served by the company. Foolscap sized, 184pp plus fold out map. Spine taped otherwise good condition. £10.00

Lot 259 LNER PTT dated May 1939. Smaller sized, orange and black covers, 384pp plus fold out map. £10.00

Lot 260 LNER PTT dated July 1939. Smaller sized, orange and black covers, 384pp plus fold out map. £10.00

Lot 261 LNER PTT of Lincolnshire District services. Orange and black covers, 38pp plus fold out map and cheap fares supplement. Dated May 1939. £10.00

Lot 262 LNER 8pp timetable leaflet for services between "Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk Coast Resorts, Norfolk Broads and the Midlands and the North". Printed on yellow coloured thin card, dated May 1938. £10.00

Lot 263 LNER Sheffield District PTT dated July 1927. Orange covers, 8pp centre folding type. £5.00

Lot 264 LNER ABC type PTT of services to principal towns from King's Cross, Liverpool St and Marylebone. Orange covers, 56pp dated September 1937. £5.00

Lot 265 LMS PTT for London Suburban services. Salmon coloured covers, 52pp dated October 1942. Plus similar with blue and white covers dated May 1943. (2) £10.00

Lot 266 LMS PTT for train and steamer services to and from England and Ireland. Maroon covers with photo illustration of ship, 38pp, dated July 1937. Plus LMS booklet "Tours in Lakeland". Maroon paperback covers, 48pp showing times and tours in the area. Dated July 1939. Creasing to corners of cover. (2) £10.00

Lot 267 M&GWR timetable and programme of tours for Achill, Connemara and West of Ireland. Red and green artwork covers, 72pp dated 1913. £20.00

Lot 268 GNR(I) PTT of rail and bus services. Green, red and black covers, 92pp plus fold out map, dated June 1932. Plus similar dated May 1937 and September 1938. All with scuffs and wear to covers. (3) £10.00

Lot 269 GNR(I) PTT of rail services. Green, orange and black covers, 42pp plus fold out map, dated September 1931. £10.00

Lot 270 AMERICAN RAILWAYS centre folding timetable booklets. Chicago and North Western Line (July 1938), Boston and Maine (June 1936), New York, New Haven and Hartford (June 1936). (3) £10.00

Lot 271 NEW YORK CENTRAL LINES centre folding timetable booklet. Illustrated covers, 62pp dated June 1934. £5.00

Lot 272 SOUTH AFRICAN RAILWAYS AND ROAD MOTOR SERVICES PTT dated November 1948. Foolscap sized, photo illustrated covers showing train and bus, 360pp, minor edge wear to covers. £20.00

Lot 273 GREAT INDIAN PENINSULAR RAILWAY PTT and guide. Illustrated paperback covers, 78pp plus map in rear pocket. Dated April 1947. £10.00

Total number of Lots in Timetables (Public): 21.

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