Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 238P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th Dectember 2017

SRA Postal Auction: Timetables (Working)

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Lot 274 FURNESS RAILWAY WTT. 41pp dated October 1909. £10.00

Lot 275 LNWR Central District working timetable notice for December 1922. 33pp. £10.00

Lot 276 NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY Fife and Northern Districts WTT of passenger and goods services dated August 1895. 94pp, printed on orange paper, pages missing from end. £10.00

Lot 277 NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY Fife and Northern Districts WTT of passenger and goods services dated October 1904. 106pp, worn, tape repairs and with separation of sections. £10.00

Lot 278 METROPOLITAN DISTRICT RAILWAY WTT No. 100 covering weekdays and Saturdays. 114pp dated June 1930. £10.00

Lot 279 GWR service timetables sections 1 - 14. 1000+pp dated October 1908. £50.00

Lot 280 LMS Western Division WTT of passenger and freight trains Welshpool, Minsterley, Shrewsbury, Abergavenny, Hereford and Brecon. 37pp dated October 1942. £10.00

Lot 281 LNER Great Central Section, No.4 section (Lincoln District) WTT Cleethorpes to Duckmanton Junction and Chesterfield (MP) via Lincoln etc. 68pp dated October 1934. £10.00

Lot 282 LNER Great Northern Section, Southern & Northern Divisions WTT. 251pp dated September 1924. Foxing to worn cover. £10.00

Lot 283 LNER Great Northern Section, Eastern Division (Lincolnshire) WTT. 61pp dated July 1923. Very worn, modern paper covers added for protection. £10.00

Lot 284 LNER Great Northern Section WTT Nottingham District. 92pp dated July 1934. £10.00

Lot 285 LNER Great Northern Section WTT Kings Cross District and Doncaster District (Main Line). 144pp dated September 1936. £10.00

Lot 286 LNER Great Northern Section passenger train service WTT Kings Cross District and Doncaster District (Main Line). 26pp dated May 1945. £10.00

Lot 287 LNER Great Central Section, No.2 section WTT freight train service Marylebone and Sheffield and branches. 57pp dated May 1946. £10.00

Lot 288 LNER section H WTT Lincoln District. 203pp dated October 1946. Covers worn and heavily foxed. £10.00

Lot 289 LNER section Y WTT Glasgow District. 208pp dated October 1946. Covers very dusty/worn. Contents OK. £10.00

Lot 290 BR(E) Western Division section H WTT Lincoln District. 245pp dated September 1952. Covers worn and stained. £10.00

Lot 291 BR(ScR) Eastern Section WTT sections W, X, Y and Z. 400+pp dated September 1952. Covers very worn, contents OK. £10.00

Lot 292 BR(S) London Western District section C WTT of passenger & freight trains Isle of Wight. 24pp dated June 1959. £5.00

Lot 293 BR(NE) sections A-L WTT of passenger trains. 400+pp dated June 1963. Cover wear. Plus BR(NE) WTTs section B freight September 1958, June 1962, section E freight June 1962, section D passenger September 1962. (5) £10.00

Lot 294 EAST AFRICAN RAILWAYS AND HARBOURS WTT for the Kenya and Uganda Section and Tanga Line. 179pp dated January 1960. £20.00

Total number of Lots in Timetables (Working): 21.

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