Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 238P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th Dectember 2017

SRA Postal Auction: Small Hardware Items

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Lot 501 An early GWR locomotive oil box cover, cast brass, 5"x4".

Lot 502 An armband, LNER FLAG-MAN, enamel, 4"x3".

Lot 503 A cashbag plate, BR, NORTH QUEENSFERRY, brass 3"x1¼".

Lot 504 A shed plate, 12A, Carlisle Kingmoor, the front repainted.

Lot 505 A whistle with chain and hook, GWR/P.WAY, 7005 on the side.

Lot 506 A teaspoon, LB&SCR, Ouest, from a Cross Channel steamer.

Lot 507 A tender plate, 9768, cast brass, 3"x1¾", the front repainted.

Lot 508 SR shunting bell codes, Ashbury, 1932. (Near Okehampton), 6"x6¾".

Lot 509 A Great Eastern Railway horse brass, engraved, 2¼" diameter, with rear fixings.

Lot 510 A South African Railway tenderplate, 3746, MY1. Cast brass, 7¼"x4¼", cleaned but unpainted.

Lot 511 A South African Railways tender plate, 1216, 8D. Cast brass, 6"x4", the front repainted.

Lot 512 An armband, GWR, LOOK-OUT. Enamel, 4 ¼"x3".

Lot 513 A LNWR whistle with chain and hook, the side marked with company initials.

Lot 514 A cash bag with brass plate, BR, GEDNEY, ex M&GN route.

Lot 515 A pair of cigar boxes used at the LMS centenary banquet for the London and Birmingham Railway. Cardboard, length 7¼", one marked. (2)

Lot 516 A Pullman brass key tag, DAISY, LAVATORY EMERGENCY KEY, + Electric Cars, Thermo & Fuse Cupboard, with keys. (2)

Lot 517 A rail cross section engraved, GWR N Div'n No.86a 80lbs per yard, March 1861, T.E. March. Polished steel, height 5½".

Lot 518 A Southern Railway Marine Dept silver plated menu holder by Elkington, height 2".

Lot 519 A Southern Railway domed horse brass on its leather mount, 2½" diameter.

Lot 520 A LNWR signal lever description plate, NASH MILL UP SLOW (near Hemel Hempstead), cast iron, 5½"x3¾", original condition.

Lot 521 An armband, L.B.S.C. LOOK-OUT, enamel, 4¼"x3", a few surface marks.

Lot 522 A Signal instrument plate, NEWTONMORE, from the HR main line. Engraved brass, 2¼"x¼".

Lot 523 A pair of LMS silver plated cake tongs by Walker and Hall, length 8".


Lot 525 A LMS Hotels oyster fork by Elkington, length 4¾".

Lot 526 A diesel works plate from a class 17, CLAYTON, EQUIPMENT LTD. HATTON, DERBY, Ex D8577. Cast aluminium, 10"x6¼", top left corner loss and scoring, front repainted.

Lot 527 A pair of BR Lion, Wheel and Crown gold plated cuff links in presentation box given to senior staff prior to privatisation. Together with a matching silk tie. (2)

Lot 528 An armband, S.E & C.R. LOOK OUT. Enamel, 4½"x3¼".

Lot 529 A shed plate, 52J, South Gosforth, ex loco condition.

Lot 530 A milk churn plate, WILTS UNITED DAIRIES, PADDINGTON, stamped brass, 7¼"x3".

Lot 531 A cabside, 1, ex Cannock and Rugeley Colliery, MARQUIS, built Lilleshall, an 0-6-OST, built 1867. Cast brass, 11"x11", the front repainted.

Lot 532 An armband, LSWR, Holder Authorised to be on railway. Enamel, 4¼"x3".

Lot 533 A cashbag with brass plate, BR, RYBURGH AND FAKENHAM.

Lot 534 A shed plate, 71A, Eastleigh, the front repainted, the Eastleigh triangle cast on the back.

Lot 535 A London and Greenwich Railway pass ticket showing the coat of arms. Copper/brass? 1" diameter.

Lot 536 A LMS silver plated menu holder by Walker and Hall, height 2½".

Lot 537 A cabside numberplate, 5, ex Cannock and Rugeley Colliery BEAUDESERT, a Fox Walker 0-6-OT, No 266/1875. Cast brass, 11"x11", the front repainted.

Lot 538 A Metropolitan Railway small horse brass, engraved lettering, 1¾"x1½", with rear spikes.

Lot 539 A single line staff and ticket box description plate, ST ALBANS LNW TO HATFIELD. Cast metal, 8"x3", original condition.

Lot 540 A group of ivorine shelf plates, Wantage Road, Steventon, Kintbury, Lockinge etc. (6)

Lot 541 A shedplate, 83D, Laira, repainted.

Lot 542 A Caledonian Railway arm band, LOOK-OUT, C.R. enamel, 4"x3", chipping to left edge.

Lot 543 A cabside numberplate, 8, ex Cannock and Rugeley Colliery, HARRISION, an0-6-OT, built Yorkshire 185/1872. Cast brass, 11¾"x9¾", ex loco.

Lot 544 An armband, LOOK-OUT, G.E.R, enamel, 3"x4½".

Lot 545 A Lynton and Barnstaple Railway opening medallion, 11th May 1898, base metal, 1½" diameter, some edge wear.

Lot 546 A shed plate, 50B, Hull Dairycoates, the front repainted.

Lot 547 A GWR three way carriage key for different size locks, the centre stamped with company initials.

Lot 548 A pair of Midland Railway signal lever plates, Goods and Passenger home from BEDFORD, engraved brass, 4"x5", polished. (2)

Lot 549 A LMS Hotels silver plated egg cup by Mapin and Webb, height 3½".

Lot 550 A Southern Railway pocket watch by Roamer, the back engraved SR, 4344, running.

Lot 551 Artwork for a BR household removals service advertisement, showing container, packing, travel and a new home, framed 21"x21".

Lot 552 An enamel armband, S.R. LOOK-OUT, Enamel, 4¼"x3".

Lot 553 A Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway carthorse hameplate on its leather boss with straps and buckles, overall length 15¾", the plate 5¾".

Lot 554 A cash bag plate, LMS ACHANALT, LMS 76, ex Kyle line. Brass on leather boss, 3½"x1½".

Lot 555 A South Eastern Railway clock key marked with SER monogram and stamped 13.

Lot 556 A Metropolitan Railway horse brass, 2½" diameter, engraved characters, with rear fixing.

Lot 557 A shedplate, 51A, Darlington, ex loco condition.

Lot 558 A Class 52 bogie plate, 1000/113 ex D1056 Western Sultan. Framed with photo, can be removed for posting.

Lot 559 A shed plate, 65A, Eastfield, cleaned but unpainted, the pattern details visible on the back.

Lot 560 A cab works plate, Hawker Siddley, Brush, from a class 60 diesel. Engraved steel, 4¾"x3".

Total number of Lots in Small Hardware Items: 60.