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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th Dectember 2017

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Lot 121 Signalling Paperwork: BR(M) Midland Lines booklet "Hours of Opening of Signal Boxes Crewe and South Thereof excluding North Staffordshire Section". 40pp dated September 1956. £10.00

Lot 122 Signalling Paperwork: BR(S) London Central District booklet "Hours of Opening of Signal Boxes". 23pp dated September 1958. £10.00

Lot 123 Signalling Paperwork: BR(S) London Central District booklet "Hours of Opening of Signal Boxes". 23pp dated March 1953. Worn. £10.00

Lot 124 Signalling Paperwork: BR(M) Central Lines booklet "Hours of Opening of Signal Boxes". 58pp dated September 1961. Covers very poor, loss to some pages. £5.00

Lot 125 Signalling Paperwork: BR(E) typescript document "Peterborough - Spital - Lolham Resignalling". 18 pages dated March 1971. £10.00

Lot 126 Signalling Paperwork: BR(E) Civil Engineers Dept office copy plan of the Peterborough modernisation showing the proposed temporary diversion of new down slow line. Part coloured, 48" x 16" on paper, dated 1960. Folded. £10.00

Lot 127 Signalling Paperwork: BR(E) office copy of the LNER diagram of signalling around Corby and Stoke produced for the abolition of Burton signalbox. 30" x 20" on paper. Folded. £10.00

Lot 128 Signalling Paperwork: BR(NE) booklet "Hours of Opening of Signal Boxes". 77pp dated August 1961. £10.00

Lot 129 Signalling Paperwork: Fifteen BR(E) Great Eastern Line signalling notices for various re-signalling works. Dated 1959 - 67. Each foolscap sized with fold out plans. (15) £10.00

Lot 130 Signalling Paperwork: BR(E) Great Eastern Line report on the "North East London Electrification Scheme and Associated Revision of Cambridge Main Line and Branch Services'. Green card covers, foolscap sized, 50+ typescript pages, dated November 1960. Plus Westinghouse Brake & Signalling Co. published booklet "Colour Light Signalling on the Chingford Branch, LNER". Card covers, 6pp dated 1936. (2) £10.00

Lot 131 Signalling Paperwork: BR(W) SIGNALBOX TRAIN REGISTER from Aberdovey signalbox. Duly completed for the period between January and August 1964. £10.00

Lot 132 Certificates (General): NER "Best Kept Wayside Stations 1906 - first class prize" certificate awarded to Middleton in Teesdale station. 14" x 11" thin card with coloured coat of arms. Dusty, faded and worn. Several edge tears. £10.00

Lot 133 Certificates (General): LNER "Best Kept Station 1947 - third class prize" certificate awarded to Etherley station. 15" x 12" thin card with coloured coat of arms. Dusty, faded and worn. Top and bottom edges turned in to facilitate framing. £10.00

Lot 134 Certificates (General): LNER North Eastern Area Engineer's Department certificate type Maintenance Diploma awarded for the "Best Length". 18" x 12" thin card showing coloured coat of arms. Unused, folded. £10.00

Lot 135 Certificates (General): ASLEF long service certificate. 28" x 22" coloured design showing railway scenes and allegorical figures. Used 1926, slight creasing. £10.00

Lot 136 Certificates (General): Four FIRST AID related items including GWR St.John Ambulance Association official photo of the winners of the Ernest Palmer Challenge Shield 1927 (mounted), LNWR & St. John certificate (1907), GWR & St.John certificate 1923, SR St. John hanging card notice re the location of stretcher and dressings. Wear to some. (4) £10.00

Lot 137 Paperwork: Seven MARYPORT AND CARLISLE RAILWAY cheques dated 1915. Plus 15 Furness Railway carter's delivery sheets dated 1923 and two Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway headed letters dated 1871 and 1877. (Qty) £5.00

Lot 138 Paperwork: Seventy two GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY paperwork items including memos, headed letters, etc. Dated circa 1900. (Qty) £5.00

Lot 139 Paperwork: SCOTLAND. Six items of pre grouping paperwork including G&SWR envelope, headed letters and memos from G&SWR Caledonian and Glasgow & Paisley Joint, Glasgow Union Railway, Glasgow, Barrhead & Kilmarnock Joint. (6) £5.00

Lot 140 Paperwork: Ten LNWR circulars mostly from the Chief Goods Manager's Office, some with accompanying memos. Dated 1890s. Condition varies. (10) £10.00

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