Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th Dectember 2017

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Lot 321 Handbills: Fifteen LNER handbills, many for half day excursions with buffet car or smiling sun illustration at top. Most from the Yorkshire area. Dated late 1920s - late 1940s. Minor faults to some. (15) £10.00

Lot 322 Handbills: LNER 12pp handbill type leaflet "Period Excursions for Whitsun Holiday to South of England via London". Red and black pictorial cover showing carriage window and passengers by HLO. Dated 1929. Plus similar 16pp leaflet for monthly return tickets 1d a mile from London stations dated January 1937 with 'signal' illustration on front. VGC. (2) £10.00

Lot 323 Handbills: LNER 12pp handbill type leaflet "Summer Holiday Period Excursions by LNER to West of England". Blue and orange pictorial cover showing swimmer in sea by Tom Purvis. Dated 1929. Plus similar 8pp leaflet for night travel at half fares with Frank Newbould cover showing moon and train in silhouette. Dated July 1937. VGC. (2) £10.00

Lot 324 Handbills: LNER 36pp handbill type programme for the railway exhibition at Walthamstow, May 1937. Blue print with illustration of A4 loco 4482 at top. Worn and annotated. Plus similar 24pp example for rolling stock exhibition at New Barnet station, June 1937. Plus three handbills for exhibitions at Doncaster and Lincoln plus opening of railway works at Stratford. (5) £10.00

Lot 325 Handbills: 15 LNER excursion handbills, some with the "Meet the Sun on the East Coast" logo and some to race meetings including Wetherby and Leicester. Dated 1925 - 1939. Condition varies. (15) £10.00

Lot 326 Handbills: Four LNER 8 - 24pp handbill type excursion leaflets including Autumn Holidays Period Excursions, Excursions to London, Period Excursions London, Early Holidays Period Excursions. Each with coloured covers. Dated 1927. Some with rusty staples. (4) £10.00

Lot 327 Handbills: LNER. Ten handbills including horse race meetings, market tickets and holiday excursions all involving GC line stations. Dated 1923 - 1946. String tears and pin holes to some. (10) £10.00

Lot 328 Handbills: Three LNER double sized handbills. Additional train from Hull area to Stockton for the 1925 centenary procession and tableaux, cheap fares from various stations to Darlington Faverdale Works for the centenary exhibition, "Rail & Dance Facility" fares from the Newcastle area to Whitley Bay Empress Ballroom (1929). String tear and repair to the last item. (3) £10.00

Lot 329 Handbills: Eight LNER buffet car excursion handbills with illustration of buffet car interior at top. Destinations include Leeds, Bradford, Southend, Nottingham, Cambridge, etc. Dated 1934 - 39. Pin holes down l/h edge. (8) £10.00

Lot 330 Handbills: LNER double sized handbill showing excursions from Bradford Exchange and Forster Square. Blue print, dated March 1938. Plus two similar BR(NE) examples for an excursion from and to stations in West Yorkshire & NE England (May 1949) and cheap day returns to Yorkshire cricket matches and Scarborough cricket Festival 1954. (3) £5.00

Lot 331 Handbills: LNER. 25 handbills, mostly excursion and cheap fares but including rugby match and horse race meeting examples. Dated 1927 - 1947. (25) £10.00

Lot 332 Handbills: Four LNER 24pp handbill type leaflets "Principal Trains between London and Yorkshire, North of England and Scotland" for Easter, Whitsun, August Bank Holiday and Christmas 1947. Each with coloured print and seasonally illustrated covers. Rusty staples. (4) £10.00

Lot 333 Handbills: Three LMS (G&SWR style) handbills for excursions to football matches involving St.Cuthbert's Wanderers against Stranraer, Dalbeattie Star and Kirkcowan. All dated 1927 and with footballer illustration at top. Printed on coloured paper. Some wear. (3) £10.00

Lot 334 Handbills: 1 LMS and 11 BR handbills for cricket matches including games at Manchester, Tunbridge Wells, Horsham, Hastings, Canterbury, etc. Condition varies. (12) £10.00

Lot 335 Handbills: Approx 14 LMS excursion handbills. Many multi page examples. Dated 1920s and 30s. Very variable condition. (14) £10.00

Lot 336 Handbills: LMS 12pp handbill type booklet "Whitsun Holidays 1925 from Bristol, Bath and Mangotsfield". Coloured artwork covers, vertical fold and slight wear. Plus 3 LMS handbills including the Eclipse at Southport (1927), excursion to Kilmarnock and Glasgow from Kirkcudbright and Castle Douglas (1927). Some wear. (3) £10.00

Lot 337 Handbills: FOOTBALL. Approx 12 mostly BR(M) handbills for excursions to football matches. Various teams. Dated late 1940s - early 1960s. (12) £10.00

Lot 338 Handbills: Ten BR handbills for football matches involving Blackburn, Manchester United, Spurs, Blackpool, Cardiff, Chelsea, WBA, etc. Dated 1956 - 64. Condition varies. (10) £10.00

Lot 339 Handbills: Twelve BR handbills for football matches involving Manchester United, Manchester City, Chester, Bolton, Bristol, Blackpool, etc. Includes United v Leicester FA Cup final 1963. Dated 1961 - 63. Condition varies. (12) £10.00

Lot 340 Handbills: Six BR(S) handbills for football matches involving Brighton, Southampton and Portsmouth. Dated 1949 - 50. String tears and loss to most. (6) £10.00

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