Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th Dectember 2017

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Lot 401 Publicity Material: BR(W) "Holiday Guide 1949". Coloured pictorial covers by Riley showing mother, son and dog near beach, 572pp plus fold out map. Tape repair to torn map. Slight wear to covers and spine. £10.00

Lot 402 Publicity Material: Five BR(E) coloured leaflets for named trains including The Norfolkman, The Broadsman, The East Anglian, The Master Cutler and named trains from King's Cross. Dated 1949 - 1956. (5) £10.00

Lot 403 Publicity Material: BR(E) programme for the official opening and exhibition of Holmes Yard, Lincoln, January 1959. 18pp, covers detached at rusty staples. £5.00

Lot 404 Publicity Material: JS FRY & CO pocket sized souvenir of Fry's Chocolate Show Train. 16pp, fully illustrated, circa 1920s. £10.00

Lot 405 Publicity Material: BASS, RATCLIFFE & GRETTON programme and guide for the company excursion from Burton on Trent to Blackpool. Illustrated covers, 100pp, dated July 1907. Slight wear, covers loose. £10.00

Lot 406 Publicity Material: BASS, RATCLIFFE & GRETTON programme and guide for the company excursion from Burton on Trent to Scarborough. Illustrated covers, 37pp, dated July 1910. Slight wear, some foxing. £10.00

Lot 407 Publicity Material: DUBLIN & SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY official handbook for the 1907 season "Through the Garden of Ireland". Pictorial card covers showing view through a carriage window. 133pp plus advertisements. Plus tourist programme, guide to the picturesque route to and from the south and west of Ireland, list of hotels etc. All bound together in part leather bound hardback covers with title in gold on front. VGC. £10.00

Lot 408 Publicity Material: GPO official publication "The Post Office Railway (London)". 8pp fully illustrated guide to the operation of the railway under London. Circa 1940s. Slight foxing. £5.00

Lot 409 Publicity Material: CHILEAN RAILWAYS official tourist guide dated 1950. Coloured pictorial covers showing ship and icebergs, 338pp plus several fold out maps. Fully illustrated, text in Spanish. £10.00

Lot 410 Publicity Material: ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN RAILROADS publication "Names and Nicknames of Freight Trains" listing services in the US. 17pp dated 1948. £5.00

Lot 411 Publicity Material: GERMAN RAILWAYS official calendar for 1939. 3 days to one page, each page with a photo illustration. £24.00

Lot 412 Publicity Material: Small END OF COLLECTION comprised of LMS retirement certificate, LMS list of companies absorbed with incorporation and absorption dates, Railway Gazette September 1938. Condition varies. (3) £5.00

Lot 413 Publicity Material: CHICAGO & NORTH WESTERN UNION PACIFIC RAILWAY pocket sized booklet "Streamliner City of Los Angeles". Artwork covers, 16pp illustrated guide to the train, dated 1950. £10.00

Lot 414 Publicity Material: GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY official hardback publication "Per Rail" published 1913. 238pp plus three fold out maps. Restoration to covers, front end pages replaced, tape repairs to maps. £10.00

Lot 415 Publicity Material: LNER PTT for "Improved Express Train Service" between the north east and south west dated September 1927. Orange covers, 8pp fold out type. £5.00

Lot 416 Publicity Material: NER "Directory of Manufacturers on the North Eastern Railway System". Card covers with coat of arms on front, 1298pp plus fold out map. Dated 1916. Covers marked and worn, contents OK. £10.00

Lot 417 Publicity Material: CHICAGO & NORTH WESTERN, UNION PACIFIC, SOUTHERN PACIFIC pocket sized booklet "San Francisco Overland Limited". Artwork covers, 16pp illustrated guide to the train, dated 1926. £10.00

Lot 418 Publicity Material: LNER pocket sized timetable for West Riding Pullman Services. Undated, small pin-hole in top l/h corner. £10.00

Lot 419 Brochures (Advertising and Publicity): BIG 4 leaflet "Removals by Road - Rail Container". 8pp fold out type with coloured pictorial covers by Frank Newbould showing removals scene. Circa 1930s. £10.00

Lot 420 Brochures (Advertising and Publicity): LNER 4pp programme for the radio and gramophone broadcasts on the Kings' Cross - Edinburgh (and reverse) trains from September 1933. Blue print. £10.00

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