Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th Dectember 2017

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Lot 541 Small Hardware Items: A shedplate, 83D, Laira, repainted.

Lot 542 Small Hardware Items: A Caledonian Railway arm band, LOOK-OUT, C.R. enamel, 4"x3", chipping to left edge.

Lot 543 Small Hardware Items: A cabside numberplate, 8, ex Cannock and Rugeley Colliery, HARRISION, an0-6-OT, built Yorkshire 185/1872. Cast brass, 11¾"x9¾", ex loco.

Lot 544 Small Hardware Items: An armband, LOOK-OUT, G.E.R, enamel, 3"x4½".

Lot 545 Small Hardware Items: A Lynton and Barnstaple Railway opening medallion, 11th May 1898, base metal, 1½" diameter, some edge wear.

Lot 546 Small Hardware Items: A shed plate, 50B, Hull Dairycoates, the front repainted.

Lot 547 Small Hardware Items: A GWR three way carriage key for different size locks, the centre stamped with company initials.

Lot 548 Small Hardware Items: A pair of Midland Railway signal lever plates, Goods and Passenger home from BEDFORD, engraved brass, 4"x5", polished. (2)

Lot 549 Small Hardware Items: A LMS Hotels silver plated egg cup by Mapin and Webb, height 3½".

Lot 550 Small Hardware Items: A Southern Railway pocket watch by Roamer, the back engraved SR, 4344, running.

Lot 551 Small Hardware Items: Artwork for a BR household removals service advertisement, showing container, packing, travel and a new home, framed 21"x21".

Lot 552 Small Hardware Items: An enamel armband, S.R. LOOK-OUT, Enamel, 4¼"x3".

Lot 553 Small Hardware Items: A Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway carthorse hameplate on its leather boss with straps and buckles, overall length 15¾", the plate 5¾".

Lot 554 Small Hardware Items: A cash bag plate, LMS ACHANALT, LMS 76, ex Kyle line. Brass on leather boss, 3½"x1½".

Lot 555 Small Hardware Items: A South Eastern Railway clock key marked with SER monogram and stamped 13.

Lot 556 Small Hardware Items: A Metropolitan Railway horse brass, 2½" diameter, engraved characters, with rear fixing.

Lot 557 Small Hardware Items: A shedplate, 51A, Darlington, ex loco condition.

Lot 558 Small Hardware Items: A Class 52 bogie plate, 1000/113 ex D1056 Western Sultan. Framed with photo, can be removed for posting.

Lot 559 Small Hardware Items: A shed plate, 65A, Eastfield, cleaned but unpainted, the pattern details visible on the back.

Lot 560 Small Hardware Items: A cab works plate, Hawker Siddley, Brush, from a class 60 diesel. Engraved steel, 4¾"x3".

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