Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th Dectember 2017

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Lot 601 Tickets: WATERFORD AND LIMERICK RAILWAY Locomotive Department first class free ticket for one journey. Printed on pink paper, unused, dated 189x. Plus CDRJC monthly ticket dated 1959. (2) £10.00

Lot 602 Tickets: GWR INSTITUTION SWINDON 3d roll type ticket "Lending Library - Received Fine for Detention of Book". £10.00

Lot 603 Tickets: Shoe box of various types including an album of Irish unused. £10.00

Lot 604 Tickets: ALBUM of railway and bus tickets. Pre nat, Irish, preserved, London Transport, etc. £10.00

Lot 605 Tickets: LBSCR large sized 4pp notice "Periodical Free Passes". Includes ten pasted on specimen tickets of the new issues. Dated 1886. £10.00

Lot 606 Tickets: LNER admission ticket for the exhibition of Flying Scotsman, The Coronation, etc at Waverley station on 26th March 1939. 4" x 3" on yellow coloured card. £10.00

Lot 607 Tickets: GWR. Small quantity of whole Edmondson tickets. Unissued and with audit clips. £10.00

Lot 608 Tickets: Shoe box BR, GWR & paper + MR luggage labels. £10.00

Lot 609 Tickets: Small quantity of mostly BR tickets. Whole Edmondson type and a few AA platforms. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 610 Tickets: Carton of Pre Nat & BR whole, halves, paper etc. £10.00

Lot 611 Tickets: GWR, SR & other Pre Nat/BR platform tickets, quantity. £10.00

Lot 612 Tickets: BR(NE), LNER, NER Nidd Valley. £10.00

Lot 613 Tickets: Small collection of BR(N) issued, whole and halves. £10.00

Lot 614 Tickets: A substantial quantity of BR(S), SR and other tickets, many closed lines included. £10.00

Lot 615 Tickets: A substantial quantity of BR(S), SR and other tickets, many closed lines included. £10.00

Lot 616 Tickets: BR(S), SR & Pre Nat platform tickets & others, good variety. £10.00

Lot 617 Tickets: QUANTITY of mostly punch type bus tickets from various operators including London Transport. Plus a small number of rail tickets including a few GWR. £10.00

Lot 618 Tickets: Preserved lines, Bluebell quantity + other lines. £10.00

Lot 619 Tickets: BR souvenir rail ticket from Cornwall to London for the royal wedding July 1928. Plus four half Edmondson tickets from Emperor Ferdinand's Northern Railway (issued 1910s) and four half Edmondson tickets from the Imperial and Royal State Railways (issued 1900s - 1910s). £5.00

Lot 620 Tickets: LONDON TRANSPORT Royal Wedding Warrant dated July 1981. Plus approx 150 Japanese APTIS style travel cards mostly for Tokyo and Osaka. All with coloured designs on front. £10.00

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