Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th Dectember 2017

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Lot 61 Locomotive Working and Records: APPROX 63 typescript sheets (two missing) plus 12 amendment sheets showing BR(M) mandatory main line locomotive programme for AC electric class 81 - 85 locomotives. Dated May 1977. £10.00

Lot 62 Locomotive Working and Records: INSTITUTION OF LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS paper "Organisation and Control of Locomotive Repairs on British Railways". 216 copied pages in plain card covers. Dated 1953. £10.00

Lot 63 Locomotive Working and Records: BR(M) Western Division Special Notice 238G "Alterations to Shunting Engine and Local Trip Notices - Birmingham Division (Western Lines)". 10 foolscap sized typescript pages, dated April 1967. £10.00

Lot 64 Locomotive Working and Records: BR(ScR) "Trip, Train and Shunting Notice" Edinburgh Control Area. 32pp dated May 1974. £10.00

Lot 65 Locomotive Working and Records: BR(W) "Trip Notice" section H Exeter area. 10 typescript pages dated May 1976. £10.00

Lot 66 Locomotive Working and Records: BR(W) "Local Movements and Shunting Locomotive Notice" (trip notice) section E Westbury area. 27 typescript pages dated October 1976. £10.00

Lot 67 Locomotive Working and Records: APPROX 6 typescript sheets showing BR(W) mandatory diesel locomotive programmes for Bristol Bath Road class 47 locos. Dated May 1979. Plus 19 sheets showing various class 47 programmes dated October 1981. Incomplete. £10.00

Lot 68 Locomotive Working and Records: APPROX 16 typescript sheets showing BR(M) mandatory and conditional locomotive programmes for Carlisle depot class 25 and 08 locos. Dated May 1977. £10.00

Lot 69 Locomotive Working and Records: LNER. Four large sheets showing formation of Silver Jubilee train and King's Cross - Edinburgh train. Four unmatched sheets. £5.00

Lot 70 Locomotive Working and Records: BR(ScR) foolscap sized, 8 typescript page document showing freight diagrams - St.Rollox depot. Dated June 1965. £10.00

Lot 71 Locomotive Working and Records: BR(ScR) Glasgow Division foolscap sized, 11 typescript page document showing passenger engine workings - St.Rollox depot. Dated June 1965. £10.00

Lot 72 Locomotive Working and Records: BR(E) Tinsley depot "Pit Book". Foolscap sized, 100+ pages duly completed listing locos arriving at the depot with details of last working, examination or repairs. Used February - April 1977. £10.00

Lot 73 Accident Reports: Milton (1955), Ford (1951), Fishguard & Goodwick (1951), Fernhill Farm (1955). (4) £5.00

Lot 74 Accident Reports: Various locations except Scotland, 1963-1966. (30) £10.00

Lot 75 Financial and Accounts: Three BRECON & MERTHYR TYDFIL JUNCTION RAILWAY director's reports dated December 1989, June 1886 and June 1885. Also three Brecon & Merthyr Railway headed documents dated 1880, 1895 and 1906. (6) £5.00

Lot 76 Financial and Accounts: GREAT CENTRAL, HULL & BARNSLEY AND MIDLAND COMMITTEE financial accounts and statistical returns for year ending December 1927. 10pp including map of line. £10.00

Lot 77 Financial and Accounts: HULL BARNSLEY & WEST RIDING JUNCTION RAILWAY & DOCK COMPANY half yearly report and accounts dated June 1903. 8pp. £10.00

Lot 78 Rule Books: NBR rule book dated 1866. Clothbound hardback covers, 239pp. £10.00

Lot 79 Rule Books: GCR rule book. Maroon leather bound covers, 416pp dated July 1920. Covers and contents worn. £10.00

Lot 80 Rule Books: HULL & BARNSLEY RAILWAY booklet of alterations and additions to the January 1916 company rule book. 7pp dated December 1916. Plus similar dated June 1917 (19pp) and June 1920 (57pp). Wear to most. (3) £10.00

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