Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th Dectember 2017

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Lot 801 Carriage Prints (not framed): Priory Gatehouse, Worksop, Nottinghamshire by Kenneth Steel (LNER series). £10.00

Lot 802 Carriage Prints (not framed): Gorleston on Sea, Norfolk by Donald Blake (LNER series). £10.00

Lot 803 Carriage Prints (not framed): Gourock and Dunoon Car Ferry, Firth of Clyde by Alasdair Macfarlane (ScR series). £10.00

Lot 804 Carriage Prints (not framed): Cromer, Norfolk by FW Baldwin (LNER series). £10.00

Lot 805 Carriage Prints (not framed): King Edward Bridge Newcastle-Upon-Tyne by Kenneth Steel (LNER series). £10.00

Lot 806 Carriage Prints (not framed): Beccles, Suffolk by F.W. Baldwin (LNER series). £10.00

Lot 807 Carriage Prints (not framed): GWR Restaurant Car notice. 18" x 4", gold and black print detailing conditions and prices. Print date 1912. A little creased but OK. £10.00

Lot 808 Carriage Prints (not framed): LNER carriage print type information poster "Air Raid Precautions". Red and blue print detailing what to do during an air raid and during the blackout. Large tears, very worn/poor. £10.00

Lot 809 Carriage Prints (not framed): LMS card carriage print type route diagram showing Tilbury & Southend lines. Dated 1935. Grubby and worn. £10.00

Lot 810 Carriage Prints (not framed): LONDON UNDERGROUND line diagram type map of the "Bakerloo Line" as displayed inside carriages. 48" x 6" dated 1982. Plus similar undated example for the District Line. (2) £5.00

Lot 811 Posters: CUNEO q/r coloured pictorial poster showing view of Merchant Navy locos at Clapham Junction. £10.00

Lot 812 Posters: BR(M) q/r coloured pictorial poster "Isle of Man" showing view of Port St.Mary by Peter Collins. Dated 1964. Folded, large tears, poor. £10.00

Lot 813 Posters: BTC q/r poster "British Railways Locomotives" with artwork by Wolstenholme showing most of the standard classes and electric and diesel locos of the time (mid 1950s). Folded, edge tears and creasing. £10.00

Lot 814 Posters: DAVID MACBRAYNE LTD d/r coloured map poster "Clan Lands of Scotland - See the Western Highlands and Islands by MacBrayne's Services". Shows map of the clans of Scotland with rail and steamer services. Circa 1950s. Folded, pin holes and tape marks to corners. £10.00

Lot 815 Posters: LMS & LNER q/r coloured pictorial poster "The Highland Games" showing illustration of piper and highland dancers by Christopher Clark. Circa 1930s. Laid on linen, creased and with faults. £10.00

Lot 816 Posters: BR(S) d/r coloured pictorial poster "Bournemouth - the all seasons resort" showing urn design by Lander. Dated 1959. Folded, some wear. £10.00

Lot 817 Posters: BR(W) d/r letterpress poster announcing the "New Named Train - The Royal Duchy". Blue and maroon print showing timetable between Paddington and Penzance. Undated. £10.00

Lot 818 Posters: BR(W) d/r letterpress poster advertising "Autumn Holidays on the Cambrian Coast Specially Reduced Fares". Red and blue print listing fares from North Wales stations. Circa late 1950s. Folded. £10.00

Lot 819 Posters: REGIONAL RAILWAYS d/r coloured photographic poster "Your Route Out of the Routine" showing view of DMU on Arten Gill viaduct. Undated, edge wear and scuffs on rear. £10.00

Lot 820 Posters: TRAVELLERS FARE d/r poster listing special excursions to commemorate 100 years of catering 1879 - 1979. Red and black print. Folded. £20.00

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