Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th Dectember 2017

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Lot 821 Posters: BR(W) d/r coloured pictorial poster "Golden Holiday Trains" advertising services to Torbay with photo illustration of Western class loco. Circa late 1960s. Folded. £10.00

Lot 822 Posters: BTC d/r system map of Britain and Ireland. Coloured design, dated 1960. Folded. £10.00

Lot 823 Posters: BR(R) d/r regional map. Coloured design, dated 1958. Folded. £10.00

Lot 824 Posters: BR(S) d/r photographic poster "Portsmouth and Southsea. Go by Train" showing John Dixon colour photo view of mother and child on beach. Circa early 1960s. Some creasing, small tape repair to edge. Plus David Shepherd print "Study for Oil, Muck and Sunlight". (2) £10.00

Lot 825 Posters: BR(W) d/r photographic poster "Fog, Snow - we didn't stop" showing DMU in fog and Warship loco in snowy scene. Circa 1963. £10.00

Lot 826 Posters: BR(W) d/r pictorial poster with artwork by Riley showing view of Trafalgar Square at top leaving bottom half blank for messages to be written in. £10.00

Lot 827 Posters: BR(S) d/r coloured pictorial poster "Evening Business Trains from Charing Cross and Cannon Street" encouraging the use of trains before 5.15pm and after 6.00pm showing diagrammatic representation of the number of seated and standing passengers at various times. Circa 1960s. Edge tears and creasing. £10.00

Lot 828 Posters: BR d/r coloured poster "Fog, Snow, Ice & Rain - trains get you through" showing stencilled lettering type image by Negus Sharland. Circa 1970s. Folded. £10.00

Lot 829 Posters: BR(M) d/r photographic poster "The Permanent Way" issued as No.4 in the "Facts and Figures" series showing track and mechanised track laying with artwork by Studio Seven. Circa 1957. £10.00

Lot 830 Posters: BR(W) d/r coloured pictorial poster "Bath in 1828 by the New Steam Carriage" showing Eric Fraser view of carriage in front of building. Dated 1960. Folded and some creasing. £10.00

Lot 831 Posters: BR(S) d/r coloured pictorial poster advertising continental regional PTT booklets showing illustrations of booklets available. Dated 1963. Plus BR(S) d/r coloured poster "Continental Excursions from London by Train and Ship" listing fares to destinations in France and Belgium. Dated 1963. Edge tears and corner creasing. (2) £10.00

Lot 832 Posters: BR 20" x 30" coloured pictorial poster "See Britain By Train - The Eastgate, Chester" showing view of the street. VGC. £10.00

Lot 833 Posters: BR INTER CITY q/r coloured photographic poster "Mister - I'm going on holiday on your train cos I know it's the quickest" showing child talking to driver of HST in style of the famous SR poster. Dated 1978. Folded, worn and creased. £10.00

Lot 834 Posters: RAILWAY EXECUTIVE d/r coloured pictorial poster "What's in it for you?" advertising BR goods services and showing Wolstenholme illustrations of wagon types. Circa early 1950s. Small edge tears, folded. £10.00

Lot 835 Posters: INTER CITY d/r coloured pictorial poster showing a Brendan Neiland view of reflections in the station roof at King's Cross. Produced to commemorate the launch of Inter City 225 services between London and Edinburgh. Dated 1991. £10.00

Lot 836 Posters: TALYLLYN RAILWAY d/r pictorial poster "Dolgoch Station" from original painting by Terence Cuneo. £10.00

Lot 837 Posters: FESTINIOG RAILWAY d/r coloured pictorial timetable poster showing Cuneo view of loco Linda and approaching train with 1967 timetable below. Folded and a little creased. £10.00

Lot 838 Posters: REGIONAL RAILWAYS d/r coloured photographic poster "Designed by Nature...Built on Beautiful Lines - Britain's Scenic Railways" showing view of Dyfed. Dated 1992. Plus Network Souteast d/r coloured photographic poster "Rail Rovers. Experience the Freedom of the Flexible Ticket" showing view of Weymouth. Dated 1994. (2) £10.00

Lot 839 Posters: REGIONAL RAILWAYS d/r coloured pictorial poster advertising half price days and nights in York, September 1992 showing view of Roman wall. Plus three modern posters advertising Scotrail Scene 1994 guide book, Glasgow Garden festival 1988 and another similar in poor condition. (4) £10.00

Lot 840 Posters: REGIONAL RAILWAYS d/r coloured pictorial poster "Take Off to Manchester Airport by Train" showing view of DMU and plane. Undated, worn at edges. Plus coloured posters advertising the 1992 passenger timetable the 2000 Royal International Air Tattoo. Both folded and worn. (3) £10.00

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