Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 242P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th March 2018

SRA Postal Auction: Small Hardware Items

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Lot 501 Hornby 0 gauge, Railway Accessories No 1, A825, trolley, name tag machine, luggage, etc, good though box poor. (6)

Lot 502 A calendar, Johnson, Hatter and Outfitter, Nottingham, 1886, humorous image titled Tug Of War, showing men trying to pull donkey out of the path of oncoming train, card, 20½x15.

Lot 503 A set of Bulleid Pacific cab plates, Cab Spray Pipe, Generator, Reverse Lubricator, cast brass, 4½"x6". (3)

Lot 504 The Book Of British Railway Station Totems, D Brennand and R Furness, 212 pp, Sutton Publishing, 2002, also other railwayana titles. (4)

Lot 505 An armband, N.B.R, FLAG-MAN, enamel, 4"x3". £10.00

Lot 506 A shedplate 1A Willesden (1935 to September 1965). Repainted.

Lot 507 A seal, ABERDOVEY, LMR, from the Cambrian Coast route. Engraved brass and wood, height 3".

Lot 508 A lever collar, FOG LEVER, cast iron, 7"x3", with rear brackets to fit over lever.

Lot 509 An LNWR embossed brass plate from a handlamp, Loco Dept Makers Crewe.

Lot 510 0 gauge platform furniture, ticket machine, name tag machine, bench, luggage, driver, etc. (9) £10.00

Lot 511 A cashbag plate, BR LADYSBRIDGE, ex Banff branch GNSR. £10.00

Lot 512 An LMS silver plated menu holder by Butler of Sheffield, LMS coat of arms central.

Lot 513 An NER serving spoon, Refreshment Rooms Harrogate. 8½".

Lot 514 An armband, LOOK-OUT, L&NWR, enamel, 4"x3", with strap and buckle.

Lot 515 An LMS ornate silver plated bowl by Walker and Hall, with coat of arms.

Lot 516 A South African Railway tenderplate, 2117, cast brass, 7"x4¼", cast brass, front repainted.

Lot 517 A Vesta tin, Terminus Hotel Brighton, black on yellow label, discoloured.

Lot 518 A medallion, Holborn Viaduct and Blackfriars Bridge Opening, 1869, white metal, 1¼" diameter. £10.00

Lot 519 Hornby 0 gauge, Railway Accessories No 43949, twelve milk cans, boxed.

Lot 520 A shedplate 12A Carlisle Kingmoor (1935 to 1949 and February 1958 to January 1968), also Carlisle Upperby (1950 to February 1958). Repainted.

Lot 521 A Southern Railway Marine Dept jam spoon, length 6¾".

Lot 522 An armband, LSWR, LOOK-OUT, enamel, 4"x3".

Lot 523 A GWR platform lamp name glass, SHIPLAKE (Henley Branch), black background on milk glass, 14½"x3". £85.00

Lot 524 An LNER silver plated tea strainer by Walker and Hall.

Lot 525 A Vesta case, Great Northern Hotels, London and Leeds.

Lot 526 An LMS carriage print, Leamington Bridge and Pump House, sepia, in an original frame.

Lot 527 An LSWR nickel guard's whistle, company initials on side.

Lot 528 A LSWR season ticket holder in brass and enamel, 1½" diameter with label Shepperton and City, 1st Class, inserted. £20.00

Lot 529 An armband, MR, LOOK OUT, enamel, 4"x3", with strap and buckle.

Lot 530 A monogram transfer, London Chatham and Dover Railway, mounted on board with beading, overall 20½"x11½".

Lot 531 An LNER silver plated menu holder by Elkington.

Lot 532 A Southern Railway Marine Dept pickle fork, with ball handle and barbed tines, by Elkington, length 6".

Lot 533 An LNWR brass armband with leather strap.

Lot 534 A GWR Award Medallion, Arts and Crafts, 1935, E Johnson, bronze shield, awarded by the social and educational union, original box.

Lot 535 A shedplate 50A York (1949 to June 1967 for steam, totally March 1984). Repainted.

Lot 536 A pair of LNWR lever plates, G W Starting, From L&NW Up Main, cast iron, each 5½"x3½". (2)

Lot 537 A pair of tinplate wagon plates, Welbeck Colliery (Warsop) GC. 9¼"x6¾", and Welbeck LMS, a little wear, 6¾"x4¾". (2)

Lot 538 An LSWR Refreshment Department corkscrew and bottle opener within a wooden sheath, overall length 3½".

Lot 539 An LNWR shelf plate, BOLLO LANE, a signal box in the Acton area, engraved brass, 4¼"x1".

Lot 540 An armband, NBR, LOOK-OUT, enamel, 4"x3", with strap and buckle, minor edge chips.

Lot 541 An LNER silver plated salt spoon, by Walker and Hall, length 3½".

Lot 542 A shedplate 56B Ardsley (October 1956 to October 1965). The front repainted.

Lot 543 A silver plated mustard spoon, NER, Royal Station Hotel Hull, length 4¼".

Lot 544 A medallion, North Cornwall Railway Opening, 1893, Camelford, Boscastle and Tintagel, showing station nameboard, reverse showing Cornish coat of arms, base metal, 1½" diameter, with ribbon.

Lot 545 A monogram transfer, Barsi Light Railway, 1911, mounted on board with beading, overall 20½"x11½".

Lot 546 A GWR Commercial Travellers Weekend Ticket Arrangements booklet and Certificate of ID to 31/12/1908, gilt title on red, includes a quantity of unused vouchers, certificate and photograph, H E Thomas, St Paul's Square Birmingham, 3"x5".

Lot 547 A BR(S) framed phone circuit card, LAUNCESTON - PADSTOW, 1959, listing intermediate stations, 9"x6", beading at left side absent.

Lot 548 A pair of LMS silver plated sugar tongs, coat of arms pattern, length 4¾".

Lot 549 A shedplate 64B Haymarket (1949 to September 1963 for steam). Front repainted.

Lot 550 A Southern Railway liquid soap dispenser by Hortons of Rickmansworth, comprising glass globe and tilt mechanism, ex SR 1930s EMU.

Lot 551 A silver and enamel watch chain fob, Mottram and Hattersley Welcome Home 1920 / To H Matthews, Served in the Great War. Presented to a driver at Mottram Yard.

Lot 552 A shedplate, 52H Tyne Dock (February 1958 to September 1967). Repainted.

Lot 553 An LMS Hotels silver plated oyster fork, by Mappin and Webb, length 4¾".

Lot 554 A GWR platform lamp name glass, TAPLOW, raised blue lettering on frosted background, 15"x3". £85.00

Lot 555 An armband, SE&CR, LOOK-OUT, enamel, 4"x3", with strap and buckle.

Lot 556 An LMS Hotels silver plated salt spoon, length 3½".

Lot 557 Hornby 0 gauge, Railway Accessories No 2, A826, milk cans and truck, complete and boxed, light rust in places.

Lot 558 An LSWR Servants' Orphanage lapel badge, blue and white enamel, with raised green enamel locomotive in the centre, diameter 1¼".

Lot 559 A South African Railway tender plate 1759, MP1, cast brass 7¼"x4¼", cleaned but unpainted.

Lot 560 A Self Cleaning, SC, shedplate of Scottish origin the back showing the wording Engine District etc as seen on Scottish shedplates.

Total number of Lots in Small Hardware Items: 60.