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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th March 2018

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Lot 121 Working Instructions: BR booklet "List of Collieries". Card covers, 43pp dated October 1954. £10.00

Lot 122 Working Instructions: LMS paperback booklet "Breakdown Van Districts and Steam Crane and Fire Train Areas (England and Wales)". 4pp dated June 1926. Cover dusty. £10.00

Lot 123 Working Instructions: BR(W) notice No.10 dated 7th April 1953 "Notice of Altered Passenger Train Arrangements in Connection with Engineering Department Occupations between Reading & Taunton (via Castle Cary)". 42pp, some wear and foxing. £10.00

Lot 124 Working Instructions: BR(W) Bristol Division notice No.370 "Notice of Passenger and Parcels Train Arrangements Easter 1964". 72pp dated 25th March 1964. £5.00

Lot 125 Working Instructions: BR(M) Midland Lines "Fog Notice". 38pp dated October 1961. £10.00

Lot 126 Working Instructions: BR(W) notice No.13 "Numbering of Passenger Trains during Summer Train Service 1952". 11pp. £10.00

Lot 127 Working Instructions: GN ELECTRIFICATION. Over 100 typescript pages relating to ECML resignalling and electrification including staff news bulletin and updates from the Divisional Manager's Office. Many relating to the Peterborough area. Dated mid 1970s. £10.00

Lot 128 Working Instructions: BR(W) notice No.38 re special arrangements in connection with Swindon Works annual holiday 1948. 24pp. Very worn and stained. £10.00

Lot 129 Working Instructions: GWR notice No.K2/526 "Notice to Enginemen, Guards & others. Reduction of speed of trains and engineering and signal arrangements". 63pp dated December 4th 1943. £10.00

Lot 130 Working Instructions: BR(E) GN Line circular X888 showing timings of the test run of Falcon diesel loco between Darnall and Mansfield concentration sidings and on to New England, October 1961. 3 typescript pages. £10.00

Lot 131 Working Instructions: BR(E) circular X229 showing working for high speed brake tests carried out on the ECML by Deltic loco D9001. Foolscap sized typescript page dated April 1964. Plus similar instructions for the demonstration run of the HST, July/August 1973. £10.00

Lot 132 Working Instructions: BR(E) GN Line circular X249 showing timings of the Roadrailer Trial from Enfield Chase to Doncaster and return, April 1963. 3 foolscap sized typescript pages. Plus several other circulars for various trials, special workings, etc. (Qty) £10.00

Lot 133 Working Instructions: BR(W) "Notice of Additional and Altered Passenger Trains" No.25 dated 24th April 1964. 39pp. Plus similar Nos. 28 - 31 dated May and June 1964. (5) £10.00

Lot 134 Working Instructions: LMS 22" x 18" letterpress poster "Regulations for Examining and Testing Boilers". Dated July 1939. Plus similar Railway Executive poster "Movement of Engines in Motive Power Depots, Sheds, Yards and Sidings" dated February 1950. (2) £10.00

Lot 135 Working Instructions: LMS secret internal publication "Instructions in connection with the working of the line and the movement of traffic in a national emergency". 30+pp dated August 1939. £10.00

Lot 136 Working Instructions: LMS Western Division London Suburban Area notice No.43 detailing workings for the Rugby League Cup Final Widnes v Keithley at Wembley on 8th May 1937. 13pp, annotated. £10.00

Lot 137 Working Instructions: LNER hardback book "Ordinary Passenger Fares from London King's Cross, Liverpool Street, Marylebone, Fenchurch Street". 161pp dated January 1933. Minor cover wear, annotated amendments. £10.00

Lot 138 Working Instructions: GWR notice "Instructions affecting GW servants when working over LNWR". 24pp dated December 1911. Rusty staples. £10.00

Lot 139 Working Instructions: GWR notice No.2009 (re-issue of circular No.1810) "Notice to Enginemen, Guards and all concerned - Revised List of Permanent Restrictions of Speed of Trains". 11pp dated January 1911. Worn. £10.00

Lot 140 Working Instructions: GWR hardback book "List of Collieries on or Connected with the GWR". Brown clothbound covers with title in gold on front, 72pp plus fold out map, dated 1932. Some cover wear, bindings very loose. £10.00

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