Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 13th March 2018

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Lot 541 Small Hardware Items: An LNER silver plated salt spoon, by Walker and Hall, length 3½".

Lot 542 Small Hardware Items: A shedplate 56B Ardsley (October 1956 to October 1965). The front repainted.

Lot 543 Small Hardware Items: A silver plated mustard spoon, NER, Royal Station Hotel Hull, length 4¼".

Lot 544 Small Hardware Items: A medallion, North Cornwall Railway Opening, 1893, Camelford, Boscastle and Tintagel, showing station nameboard, reverse showing Cornish coat of arms, base metal, 1½" diameter, with ribbon.

Lot 545 Small Hardware Items: A monogram transfer, Barsi Light Railway, 1911, mounted on board with beading, overall 20½"x11½".

Lot 546 Small Hardware Items: A GWR Commercial Travellers Weekend Ticket Arrangements booklet and Certificate of ID to 31/12/1908, gilt title on red, includes a quantity of unused vouchers, certificate and photograph, H E Thomas, St Paul's Square Birmingham, 3"x5".

Lot 547 Small Hardware Items: A BR(S) framed phone circuit card, LAUNCESTON - PADSTOW, 1959, listing intermediate stations, 9"x6", beading at left side absent.

Lot 548 Small Hardware Items: A pair of LMS silver plated sugar tongs, coat of arms pattern, length 4¾".

Lot 549 Small Hardware Items: A shedplate 64B Haymarket (1949 to September 1963 for steam). Front repainted.

Lot 550 Small Hardware Items: A Southern Railway liquid soap dispenser by Hortons of Rickmansworth, comprising glass globe and tilt mechanism, ex SR 1930s EMU.

Lot 551 Small Hardware Items: A silver and enamel watch chain fob, Mottram and Hattersley Welcome Home 1920 / To H Matthews, Served in the Great War. Presented to a driver at Mottram Yard.

Lot 552 Small Hardware Items: A shedplate, 52H Tyne Dock (February 1958 to September 1967). Repainted.

Lot 553 Small Hardware Items: An LMS Hotels silver plated oyster fork, by Mappin and Webb, length 4¾".

Lot 554 Small Hardware Items: A GWR platform lamp name glass, TAPLOW, raised blue lettering on frosted background, 15"x3". £85.00

Lot 555 Small Hardware Items: An armband, SE&CR, LOOK-OUT, enamel, 4"x3", with strap and buckle.

Lot 556 Small Hardware Items: An LMS Hotels silver plated salt spoon, length 3½".

Lot 557 Small Hardware Items: Hornby 0 gauge, Railway Accessories No 2, A826, milk cans and truck, complete and boxed, light rust in places.

Lot 558 Small Hardware Items: An LSWR Servants' Orphanage lapel badge, blue and white enamel, with raised green enamel locomotive in the centre, diameter 1¼".

Lot 559 Small Hardware Items: A South African Railway tender plate 1759, MP1, cast brass 7¼"x4¼", cleaned but unpainted.

Lot 560 Small Hardware Items: A Self Cleaning, SC, shedplate of Scottish origin the back showing the wording Engine District etc as seen on Scottish shedplates.

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