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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th June 2018

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Lot 861 Carriage Prints (not framed): Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk by F. Donald Blake (LNER series). £10

Lot 862 Carriage Prints (not framed): Buckden Palace, Huntingdonshire by Edward Walker (LNER series). £10

Lot 863 Posters: SHIPBUILDING CONFERENCE published q/r coloured pictorial poster "British Built Ships" showing Charles King view of passenger and cargo ships built in Britain. Circa early 1960s. Folded, small tape repair on rear, creased/crumpled at top edge. £10

Lot 864 Posters: BIG 4 & LPTB q/r poster map "London & Suburbs Main Line Railways and Connecting Underground Railways of the London Transport Passenger Board". Coloured map showing lines in and around the capital. Undated. Wear and edge faults, fold tears and tape repairs on rear. £10

Lot 865 Posters: BR(ScR) q/r coloured pictorial poster "Inverness - The Capital of the Scottish Highlands" showing marching pipers and castle by Lance Cattermole. Circa early 1960s, minor edge faults. £10

Lot 866 Posters: FRAMES TRAVEL d/r coloured pictorial poster showing elevated view of the Promenade des Anglais in Nice advertising holidays abroad with travel by British Railways. Circa 1950s. Folded. £10

Lot 867 Posters: BR(S) d/r poster "Escape this Winter to Brighton and Hove" showing photo view of girl on beach by Bromfield. Dated 1963. Some creasing, small edge and corner loss. £10

Lot 868 Posters: MACBRAYNES d/r coloured pictorial poster "The Fast Route to Skye. Mallaig - Armadale - Portree" showing ship RMS Loch Seaforth at Armadale by Alastair MacFarlane. Circa early 1960s. Folded, small tape repairs, backing paper added. £10

Lot 869 Posters: BR(NE) d/r photographic and artwork poster "Methods of Traction" issued as No.5 in the "Facts and Figures" series showing electric, steam and diesel views by Studio Seven. Dated 1958. Folded. £10

Lot 870 Posters: BR(M) d/r photo illustrated poster "British Railways Modernisation" showing modern methods for putting up masts for electrification. Dated 1957. £10

Lot 871 Posters: BR(M) d/r photographic poster "The Permanent Way" issued as No.4 in the "Facts and Figures" series showing track and mechanised track laying with artwork by Studio Seven. Circa 1957. £10

Lot 872 Posters: BR(M) d/r pictorial poster with artwork by Wolstenholme showing Woodhead electric loco and EMU at top leaving bottom half blank for messages to be written in. Edge creasing. £10

Lot 873 Posters: BR(W) d/r pictorial poster with artwork by Riley showing view of Trafalgar Square at top leaving bottom half blank for messages to be written in. £10

Lot 874 Posters: BR SHIPPING SERVICES d/r poster advertising cruises by SS Avalon to Norway and around Britain. Blue, red and black coloured showing map of routes and ship illustration at top. Dated 1969. Folded. £10

Lot 875 Posters: BR(M) d/r coloured pictorial poster "1962 Holiday Cruises by TSS Duke of Lancaster" showing Studio Seven view of ship at sea. £10

Lot 876 Posters: BR d/r pictorial poster "To the Sea - Country - or Town" showing photo illustrations of sights. Circa early 1960s. £10

Lot 877 Posters: BR SEALINK 30" x 20" coloured photographic poster "Let Sealink set you free" showing family in car. Dated 1972. Plus similar Motorail poster showing map of services and photos of family on train. Dated 1971. (2) £10

Lot 878 Posters: BR d/r poster advertising the railway exhibition at Carlisle as part of the Carlisle Octo - Centenary celebrations in 1958. Blue and black print with illustration of early London and Birmingham Railway station at top. Folded. £10

Lot 879 Posters: BR d/r coloured pictorial poster advertising the installation of the first automatic level crossing at Spath near Uttoxeter. Shows illustration of crossing barrier and lights. Dated 1961. £10

Lot 880 Posters: BR 30" x 20" coloured pictorial poster "See Britain By Train" showing view of bagpipe playing Scotsman. £10

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