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Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 259P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 12th March 2019

SRA Postal Auction: Medals

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Lot 585 STOCKTON ON TEES CORPORATION commemorative medal for the railway centenary in 1925. Front shows A3 and Locomotion, reverse shows George Stephenson. Possibly pewter. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 2746

Lot 586 BR (W) Staff Association Festival of Music & Drama medal awarded in 1958. 1½" diameter with details on front and mythological figure on reverse. £10

Lot 587 GEORGE STEPHENSON commemorative medal for his centenary on June 9th 1881. Pewter 1¼" diameter surrounded by 8 pointed brass design. Front of medal shows Locomotion, rear shows profile of Stephenson. £50

Lot 588 HUSSET'S SPECIAL MESSAGE POST (New York) brass token with illustration of 0-4-0 loco on front and horse and rider on rear. ¾" diameter, good condition. £10

Lot 589 LCC pewter medal issued to commemorate the opening of Kingsway and Aldwych by the king and queen on 18th October 1905. Front shows embossed profile view of king and queen with LCC logo on rear. 1¼" diameter. - Sold for £14 to bidder number 1143

Lot 590 LIVERPOOL AND MANCHESTER RAILWAY pewter medal for the opening of railway in 1830. Front shows head on view of Sankey Canal and Viaduct. Rear shows entrance to Liverpool station and tunnels. Published by T. Woolfield, Bazaar, Liverpool. 2" diameter. A little marked. £10

Lot 591 LMS bronze commemorative medal issued for service during the national emergency of May 1926 (general strike). 2" diameter, the front showing embossed image of Britannia, rear showing figure and locos. £10

Lot 592 LIVERPOOL AND MANCHESTER RAILWAY commemorative medal for the opening of the railway on September 15th 1830. White metal type with embossed view of Sankey Viaduct and Liverpool station and tunnels. - Sold for £120 to bidder number 3752

Lot 593 Pewter medallion commemorating the opening of the NORTH CORNWALL RAILWAY in August 1893. Approx 1½" diameter showing coat of arms on front and station sign for Camelford, Boscastle and Tintagel on rear. £10

Lot 594 GCR pewter medal for the opening of Nottingham Central station in 1900. Front shows head on view of loco and coat of arms of the city. Rear extols the virtues of Queen Victoria, after whom the station was eventually named. 2" diameter, minor wear. - Sold for £50 to bidder number 979

Lot 595 COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL showing Locomotion on front and the Bulmer Stone on rear. 1¼" diameter, possibly nickel. Plus similar in brass. (2) - Sold for £55 to bidder number 2746

Lot 596 WALSALL CORPORATION (probably) commemorative medal for unveiling of a statue to Sister Dora "The Friend of the Suffering" in 1886. Front shows embossed profile view with title on rear. 1½" diameter, possibly pewter. £15

Lot 597 White metal medallion commemorating the cutting of the first sod of the SOLWAY JUNCTION RAILWAY at Annan in March 1865. Approx 1½" diameter showing coat of arms on front and inscription on rear. £50

Lot 598 Grey metal COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL produced for the opening of the Thames Tunnel in 1842. Front shows illustration of the twin tunnels, rear shows embossed profile of Isambard Marc Brunel. 1" diameter. £10

Total number of Lots in Medals: 14.

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