Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 11th June 2019

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Lot 161 Share Certificates: FOREST OF DEAN CENTRAL RAILWAY share certificate for one £10 share dated 1860. Ornate scrolled title, embossed seal, not cancelled. £10

Lot 162 Share Certificates: GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY mortgage deed for £400 dated 1857. Ornate title, coat of arms top centre, seal part removed in cancellation plus pen cancellations. Plus GNR share certificate dated 1846, not cancelled, and company cheque dated 1891. (3) - Sold for £26 to bidder number 1496.

Lot 163 Share Certificates: KELVIN VALLEY RAILWAY share certificate for ordinary £10 shares dated 1877. Ornate title and device down l/h edge, embossed seal. Not cancelled, folded and creased. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 2799.

Lot 164 Share Certificates: LEVEN AND EAST OF FIFE RAILWAY certificate for Leven Capital Stock half share of £5. Blue print, unused, dated 186x. Stamp cancellations. - Sold for £16 to bidder number 1496.

Lot 165 Share Certificates: MONMOUTHSHIRE RAILWAY AND CANAL COMPANY share certificate. Ornate title and border with illustration of train, canal boat and bridges at top. Unused, dated 187x, written and stamped cancellations. - Sold for £50 to bidder number 2799.

Lot 166 Share Certificates: MANX NORTHERN RAILWAY share certificate for five £5 shares dated 1904. Ornate title, company crest top centre, embossed seal, not cancelled, sun darkened. - Sold for £24 to bidder number 1496.

Lot 167 Share Certificates: RUGBY, DERBY & MANCHESTER RAILWAY share certificate for five shares dated 1845. Ornate scrolled title, blue print, top r/h corner removed in cancellation affecting text. £5

Lot 168 Share Certificates: SHROPSHIRE RAILWAYS COMPANY (Shrewsbury Separate Undertaking) share certificate for £48.12.3 of stock dated 1908. Ornate title, embossed seal, not cancelled, folded. - Sold for £24 to bidder number 1496.

Lot 169 Share Certificates: STAITHES SHIPPING COMPANY unissued share certificate for one share. Dated 185x. £5

Lot 170 Share Certificates: TRURO WATER COMPANY share certificate for 4% preference stock dated 1919, Artizans Labourers & General Dwellings Company share certificate dated 1919 and Lever Brothers share certificate dated 1920. (3) - Sold for £16 to bidder number 757.

Lot 171 Share Certificates: WEST SOMERSET RAILWAY share certificate for £1000 of ordinary stock dated 1900. Ornate title, embossed seal, ink and punch cancellations including through seal. Folded. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 1496.

Lot 172 Early and Historical Paperwork: CALEDONIAN AND DUMBARTONSHIRE JUNCTION RAILWAY envelope with name on front. Used in 1856. Several postmarks, section missing from top edge. Plus similar Edinburgh, Perth & Dundee and Scottish Central Railways example used in 1856. (2) - Sold for £14 to bidder number 466.

Lot 173 Early and Historical Paperwork: CARLISLE CANAL COMPANY agreement for purchase of land. 1pp, part pre printed, dated 1820. £10

Lot 174 Early and Historical Paperwork: COLNE VALLEY RAILWAY headed letter from the Secretary & General Manager's Office and signed by ES Hawkins. Dated 1911. - Sold for £30 to bidder number 394.

Lot 175 Early and Historical Paperwork: CROMARTY AND DINGWALL LIGHT RAILWAY "Book of Reference". Foolscap sized, 28pp, dated 1897. Lists all the properties affected by the building of the railways. Disbound and incomplete. Missing pages and sections. £10

Lot 176 Early and Historical Paperwork: EASTERN COUNTIES RAILWAY COMPANY prospectus. Large size, 4pp dated 1834. Some foxing. - Sold for £45 to bidder number 2799.

Lot 177 Early and Historical Paperwork: Five MANCHESTER SHEFFIELD & LINCOLNSHIRE RAILWAY share calls with revenue stamps attached. Dated 1848 - 1866. Plus printed circular concerning stock, dated 1876. Also seven GCR items including map of line (large fold tears), list of stations carrying merchandise traffic (ex Per Rail), list of routes, etc. (13) £10

Lot 178 Early and Historical Paperwork: Four PRINTED CIRCULARS from East & West Junction Railway (x2) dated 1878, Eastern and Midlands Railway dated 1891, South Yorkshire Railway and River Dun Company dated 1862. Plus five headed letters and printed documents from overseas railways including Madras Railway, Sicilian Railway, Bahia & San Francisco Railway. (9) - Sold for £65 to bidder number 2920.

Lot 179 Early and Historical Paperwork: GER 1897 reprint of the Eastern Counties, Eastern Union, East Anglian Norfolk, Newmarket, London and Tilbury Railways and Royston and Hitchin Branch Railway 1pp large sized notice "Classification of Goods by Merchandise Train" dated 1854. - Sold for £10 to bidder number 1644.

Lot 180 Early and Historical Paperwork: IRELAND. Eight printed items including dividend warrants and headed letters from the Clogher Valley Railway and GS&WR. Dated 1902 - 1933. (8) £5

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