Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 272P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 17th December 2019

SRA Postal Auction: Manufacturers' Catalogues (loco etc.)

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Lot 170 BROWN - BOVERI LIMITED published glossy coloured booklet "Electric and Diesel Electric Traction". Colour photo covers, 116pp guide to products and technology, dated March 1961. - Sold for £50 to bidder number 246

Lot 171 BRUSH ELECTRICAL folder containing brochures for various company locos and equipment including Falcon, locos for Rhodesia, shunting locos, HST power equipment. Dated 1960s and 70s. - Sold for £24 to bidder number 657

Lot 172 CLAYTON WAGONS LTD booklet "The Clayton Forge". Artwork card covers, 20pp illustrated guide to the forge and its products. Circa 1920s. - Sold for £45 to bidder number 246

Lot 173 DONCASTER WAGON COMPANY LTD hardback book "List of Works and Repairing Depots". Clothbound covers with title in gold on front, 74pp, circa 1930s. - Sold for £16 to bidder number 459

Lot 174 ENGLISH ELECTRIC AEI TRACTION glossy coloured brochure for industrial diesel hydraulic locomotives. Photo illustrated covers, 22pp, circa 1972. - Sold for £5 to bidder number 3567

Lot 175 METROPOLITAN VICKERS published booklet The First British Built Gas Turbine Locomotive". Illustrated card covers, fully illustrated glossy publication, 28pp plus fold out diagram, dated July 1952. Good condition. - Sold for £40 to bidder number 4248

Lot 176 ROBERT STEPHENSON & HAWTHORNS LTD booklet "Locomotives". Photo illustrated covers, 48pp fully illustrated guide to locos constructed by the company. Circa 1948. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 7946

Lot 177 WESTINGHOUSE BRAKE & SIGNALLING CO. published booklet "Route Relay Inter-locking at Paragon Station, Hull, LNER". Illustrated card covers, 16pp plus fold-out diagram. Dated 1938. Vertical crease. - Sold for £14 to bidder number 3794

Total number of Lots in Manufacturers' Catalogues (loco etc.): 8.

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