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SRA Postal Auction: Publicity Material

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Lot 348 SCARBOROUGH AND WHITBY RAILWAY official guide to the coast route. Brown coloured paperback covers showing views of Robin Hood's Bay, 44pp dated 1894. Spine wear. £10.00

Lot 349 SECR 4pp leaflet "The Thanet Pullman Limited to Margate, Broadstairs & Ramsgate". Brown print opening to show photos and route with timetable on rear. Dated October 1921. Vertical fold, edge tear. £10.00

Lot 350 LSWR 16pp fold out leaflet for services between London and the IOW via various routes. Coloured artwork covers, opens to show timetable, information and map of island and south coast. Dated October 1909. Scuff to edge of rear cover. £10.00

Lot 351 LSWR 16pp fold out leaflet "A New Link between Two Cities. Turbine Steamers via Southampton and Le Havre - London and Paris". Illustrated cover showing SS Normannia. Dated 1912. Marked at bottom of front cover otherwise OK. £10.00

Lot 352 LSWR coloured pictorial brochure "Select First Class Rail & Coach Trips New Forest, Mysterious Stonehenge and the Lovely Avon Valley". 12pp fold out type opening to show coloured map and view of local landmarks. Travel information and guide on rear. Dated 1907. Worn, fold tears. £10.00

Lot 353 LSWR official publication "In the Track of the Mayflower - Back to the Old Country". Coloured pictorial covers, 52pp illustrated guide to locations served by the railway with fold out map. Dated March 1909. £10.00

Lot 354 LSWR postcard sized, thin card advert "New Facility for Weekend Visitors to Bournemouth - Breakfast Car Express to Town". Blue print showing times of train from Bournemouth on Monday mornings. Undated. £10.00

Lot 355 LBSCR "Diagram of the Pullman Limited Express". 8pp fold out type, opening to show general arrangement diagram of the 4 car unit. Dated December 1881. Vertical crease, slight wear. £10.00

Lot 356 GER foolscap sized 32pp booklet "Christmas Holiday Arrangements 1910". Green, red and black coloured decorative covers showing holly. £10.00

Lot 357 GER 4pp leaflet "Early Holidays". Printed on pink coloured paper. Lists suggestions for holidays, dated May 1914. £10.00

Lot 358 GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY 4pp thin card souvenir of The Paris Exposition of 1900. Front cover shows advertisement for GER services to the Continent, inside details Claud Hamilton locomotive and the company exhibit at the show. Small tape repair at bottom of spine, label on rear cover. £40.00

Lot 359 GER booklet "The World War Battlefields of Belgium and France" published circa 1920 for the American market. 80pp paperback with fold out maps. Annotation on front cover. £10.00

Lot 360 GER wood and metal corkscrew. Company name and advert for Tolly Stout on handle. Wood split. £10.00

Lot 361 GCR souvenir booklet of "US 63 Ambulance Train constructed for the US Army Medical Department at the GCR carriage works 1918". Illustrated paperback covers showing American flag. 32pp illustrated guide to the train. Covers detached at split spine, small tear to front cover. £10.00

Lot 362 NER 24pp booklet "Travel in England". Paperback covers show small illustration of York Minster. Guide to places served by the railway. Includes two fold out maps. Circa 1903. £10.00

Lot 363 NER pocket sized official publication "Bolton Abbey and Woods". 8pp, yellow, red and green illustrated covers showing small sized view of the area. Published in the Northern Lights series, circa 1908. £10.00

Lot 364 MIDLAND RAILWAY published hardback book "Scenery, Industries, History". Clothbound covers show title and illustration of High Tor in gold on front. 324pp guide dated 1902. £100.00

Lot 365 CENTRAL LONDON RAILWAY Coronation Souvenir book. 36pp 7"x 11" specially published by the CLR in 1911. Contains 15 coloured views with full description on opposite page. Thick green card covers with gilt spine and stamped gilt lettering surrounding portrait of their majesties in raised card frame. Slight wear and small loss to frame. £10.00

Lot 366 METROPOLITAN RAILWAY official publication "Metroland". 1927 edition with coloured pictorial covers showing family picnic, bound into clothbound hardback covers with title in gold on front. 110pp plus fold out map. Good condition. £10.00

Lot 367 METROPOLITAN RAILWAY & LNER joint publication "Country Walks No. 4". Illustrated covers showing country lane, 40pp, 22nd edition circa mid 1920s. £10.00

Lot 368 METROPOLITAN RAILWAY official souvenir of the diamond jubilee of the railway 1863-1923. Coloured card covers with illustration of Metropolitan Railway electric locomotive. 24pp with colour plates and advertising leaflets in rear pocket. £10.00

Lot 369 METROPOLITAN & GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAYS joint publication "A Selection of Country Walks". Blue covers, 23pp, dated 1914. £10.00

Lot 370 NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE RAILWAY official publication "Picturesque Staffordshire". Card covers, 154pp guide book dated 1908. £10.00

Lot 371 NBR 92pp foolscap sized booklet "Programme of Tourist Arrangements Mountain Moor & Loch". Red and green artwork covers with map on rear cover, dated 1906 season. Spine wear. £10.00

Lot 372 NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY guide book "The Key to Scotland's Beauties". Coloured pictorial paperback covers showing large key and people walking. 48pp fully illustrated guide. Undated, slight wear to covers. £10.00

Lot 373 LNWR invitation card for the opening of the Ashbourne & Buxton Railway on the 1st August 1899. 8" x 6", thin card, blue and gold print with LNWR coat of arms at top. VGC. £10.00

Lot 374 LNWR booklet "Carriage Works, Wolverton". Coloured paperback covers showing company coat of arms, 41pp illustrated description of the works with fold out plan, published 1907. Covers slightly dusty, small edge tear. £10.00

Lot 375 LNWR official publication "LNWR Company of England Sends Greetings to American Voyagers and Presents this Little Book of Information". Decorative coloured covers, 64pp plus fold out map, published for the USA market, 2nd edition dated October 1907. £10.00

Lot 376 LNWR programme for the visit of the International Railway Congress to Earlestown wagon works on 28th June 1895. 4pp with lilac and gold coloured decorative cover, opening to show programme in English and French. Vertical fold. £10.00

Lot 377 LNWR 6pp fold out brochure for services to tourist areas and for services to Ireland. Cover shows coloured illustration of ship at sea. Dated July 1906. £10.00

Lot 378 LNWR Golf Course Score Card. Pocket sized, 2pp thin card with golfing illustration on front and score card on rear. Unused. £5.00

Lot 379 GNR guide book "A Holiday in London". Coloured pictorial covers show sights and King's Cross station, 32pp plus fold out map. Dated 1912. £10.00

Lot 380 GNR publication "Seaside Farmhouse & Country Lodgings & Hotels". 86pp guide plus fold out map in coloured pictorial paperback covers. Published by Walter Hill & Co in 1899. £10.00

Lot 381 MATE'S PUBLISHED GUIDE "The English Lake District - The Popular Guide to the Furness Railway". Blue and white clothbound soft covers. 80+pp fully illustrated guide dated 1903. Covers worn. £15.00

Lot 382 LNER AND PULLMAN CAR COMPANY LIMITED brochure "The Queen of Scots Pullman Extended to Glasgow". 8pp fold-out style opening to show map of route and features of the journey with details of timetable and distances, dated September 1928. Fold tears and wear. £10.00

Lot 383 LNER 6pp handbill type leaflet "Pullman Excursions de Luxe by the Eastern Belle from Liverpool Street". Blue, orange and black illustrated covers showing loco and train. 1939 season. Very creased and worn. £10.00

Lot 384 PULLMAN CAR COMPANY LIMITED brochure "The London Harrogate and Edinburgh Pullman on the LNER". 8pp fold-out style opening to show map of route and features of the journey with details of timetable and distances. Circa late 1920s. Fold tears and creases. £10.00

Lot 385 SR 4pp fold out leaflet "The New Bournemouth Limited". Red and black print on yellow paper with illustration of train on front. Undated. £10.00

Lot 386 SR publication "Interlaken in Early Summer". Pocket sized guide book, 16pp published in the "Off the Beaten Track" series as No.20 in 1931. £10.00

Lot 387 SR two fold, thin card leaflet "With King Arthur to the Continent". Green and brown print on buff coloured paper showing illustration of train at speed. Opens to show narrative regarding the journey. Print date 1925. £10.00

Lot 388 SR invitation card for the official opening of the electrified line to Brighton and Worthing by the Lord Mayor of London on 30th December 1932. Approx 6" x 3" thin card, green print with programme and train times on the rear. £10.00

Lot 389 SR Naming Ceremony Brochure for "Merchant Navy" class loco "British India Line" at Waterloo on 13th December 1945. Pictorial 4pp leaflet opening to show details of the loco class with history of the shipping company on rear. Several tears, poor. £10.00

Lot 390 SR fold out leaflet "Have a Day Off on the Electric Coast". Opens to show illustration of EMU and small cartoons. Details the benefits of using the train to reach the coast. Dated 1935. £10.00

Lot 391 SR 14pp booklet "Schneider Trophy - Fastest International Contest". Details services and special trains to the Solent area. Coloured cover shows seaplane travelling at speed. Dated 1931. Rusty staples. £10.00

Lot 392 SR fold out brochure "That's the Ticket. Brighton & Hove for Sunshine". 16pp with illustrated cover showing ticket and various activities. Dated 1936. £10.00

Lot 393 SR Naming Ceremony Brochure for "Merchant Navy" class loco "Canadian Pacific" at Victoria on 27th March 1942. Pictorial 4pp leaflet opening to show details of the loco class with history of the shipping company on rear. Horizontal fold. £10.00

Lot 394 SR 4pp coloured leaflet "The New Buffet Cars for the Electric Trains between London and Bognor Regis". Illustration of buffet car on front, opening to show cutaway drawing of buffet cars. Dated 1938. £10.00

Lot 395 LMS official publication "Old London Coaching Inns". Hardback with dust jacket, 43pp, plus plates, published 1930s. £20.00

Lot 396 GWR invitation card to Rosborough Aerodrome, Plymouth for the inaugural flight of the GWR RAS service from Cardiff to Haldon and Plymouth on 11th April 1933. Approx 6" x 4" with timetable of events on rear. £10.00

Lot 397 GWR 14pp booklet "The Solution Of Your Luggage Problem". Cartoon type illustrated paperback covers showing travellers and luggage. Details various ways of sending luggage by train. Dated May 1936. Covers detached at rusty staples. £10.00

Lot 398 GWR 8pp fold out timetable and guide "To & From Ireland by the new and direct short sea route via Fishguard". Red and green print showing ship and express train. Dated 1906. Horizontal fold. £10.00

Lot 399 GWR publication "Motoring from Manor House Hotel Moretonhampstead Devon". Brown and black pictorial covers showing country scene, 48pp plus fold out map, dated 1947. VGC. £10.00

Lot 400 GWR official publication "After the Coronation Visit the West Country, Shakespeareland, The Homes of Cornishmen, Historic Wales, Somerset & Devon". Coloured pictorial covers by Ralph Mott showing house and bridge, 48pp dated 1937. Rusty staples removed. £10.00

Lot 401 GWR guide book "Great Western Railway of England Royal Oxford or Shakespeare Route". Illustrated covers showing local sights. 32pp dated March 1896. Produced for American visitors. Minor wear. £10.00

Lot 402 GWR 4pp leaflet "Links between Manufacturer and Customer - a chain of warehouses". Green and black print with photo illustrated cover. Details locations of company warehouses. Circa 1930s, string tear top l/h corner. £10.00

Lot 403 GWR 8pp glossy, illustrated, centre folding brochure "The Sylvan Wye and the Spas of Central Wales". Orange, blue and black illustrated cover showing tree and winding road. Dated May 1933. Slight wear and dusty covers. £10.00

Lot 404 GWR 8pp fold out type leaflet "The Power of the Kings". Photo illustrated covers showing King class loco at Paddington station. Narrative details technical information re the loco class. Dated January 1928. Worn, large fold tear and tape repair. £5.00

Lot 405 LNER 8pp leaflet "Excursions de Luxe by the Eastern Belle Pullman Ltd". Green coloured print on cream paper showing B12 loco No.8580. Dated 1934. Details excursions from Liverpool St to East Coast resorts. Slightly dusty, string tear top centre. £10.00

Lot 406 LNER souvenir booklet "Doncaster Locomotive and Carriage Plant Works" issued for the visit of members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers to the plant in June 1936. Card covers with photo of A4 on front. 16pp plus fold out plan. £10.00

Lot 407 LNER 6pp fold out leaflet "Cruises of the Northern Belle leaving King's Cross station, London, 9th and 23rd June 1939". Sepia coloured photo covers show mountain view. Opens to show itinerary and map. £10.00

Lot 408 LNER official publication "Camping Holidays - Camping Coaches, Youth Hostels, Sites for Camps". Pictorial coloured covers by Frank Newbould showing camping coach scene. 132pp plus fold out map. Dated March 1938. £10.00

Lot 409 LNER fold out leaflet "Camping Coaches - For Carefree Holidays". Sepia covers showing coach and occupants. Opens to show layout of coach and list of locations. Dated 1938. £10.00

Lot 410 LNER Contract Bridge set manufactured by John Waddington Ltd. Leather case containing double pack of playing cards, each with illustration of Cambridge on rear in two different colours. Complete with two scoring pads and pencils, all contained in original card presentation box. Good condition. £10.00

Lot 411 BIG 4 published 6pp fold out leaflet "The Simplicity of Removals by British Railways". Orange and black print with illustrated covers by Ralph Mott showing removals scene. Circa 1940s. £10.00

Lot 412 GNR(I) official publication "Health Resorts and Pleasure Excursions in the North of Ireland". Green and red coloured artwork covers, 36pp guide to tours of the area. Dated 1913. Rusty staples. £10.00

Lot 413 FESTINIOG RAILWAY hanging showcard "The Faery Line" showing colour vignettes of various scenes along the line and details of places to visit. 7¾" x 9¾" complete with original hanging cord. £10.00

Lot 414 SNOWDON MOUNTAIN TRAMROAD guide book "Snowdon by the Snowdon Mountain Tramroad". Paperback, 32pp guide to the area, circa 1910s. Advert for LNWR on front. £10.00

Lot 415 SWANSEA IMPROVEMENTS AND TRAMWAY COMPANY souvenir booklet commemorating the centenary of the Mumbles Railway in 1904. 38pp with pictorial paperback covers. A fully illustrated history and guide to the railway. Slight cover wear. £10.00

Lot 416 LIVERPOOL OVERHEAD RAILWAY guide book. Landscape format, red and black illustrated paperback covers, 16pp with centre page fold out map of the line and features en-route. Issued circa late 1930s. Vertical folds, foxing to covers. £10.00

Lot 417 RAILWAY AIR SERVICES "Map of the Air Routes in Great Britain of Railway Air Services". Large size, red and green artwork covers containing fold out map. Undated. £10.00

Lot 418 BR(S) glossy coloured 4pp leaflet "Golden Arrow in Pullman Comfort - London to Paris". Front shows couple in carriage window. Dated October 1954. Horizontal fold. £10.00

Lot 419 BR(W) 4pp leaflet "The South Wales Pullman". Green print on cream with photo illustration of train on front. Opens to show times and fares. Dated September 1957. £10.00

Lot 420 BR(W) Public Relations & Publicity Officer, Paddington Christmas card 1955. Blue and salmon coloured cover showing distant train. Unused. £10.00

Total number of Lots in Publicity Material: 73.

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