Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 17th December 2019

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Lot 141 Share Certificates: DIDCOT, NEWBURY AND SOUTHAMPTON RAILWAY share certificate for £10 preference shares dated 1895. Punch cancelled through embossed seal, ink and punch cancellations. Creased. - Sold for £22 to bidder number 1644.

Lot 142 Share Certificates: NEWQUAY AND CORNWALL JUNCTION RAILWAY share certificate for one £20 share dated 1867. Ornate scrolled title, attached blue coloured seal. Punch cancelled through seal, a little creased. - Sold for £12 to bidder number 668.

Lot 143 Share Certificates: KING'S LYNN DOCKS & RAILWAY COMPANY share certificate for £100 of 4% preference stock, dated 1900. Red print, overwritten cancellations. Folded. - Sold for £14 to bidder number 668.

Lot 144 Share Certificates: WEST DURHAM RAILWAY unissued share certificate for one £10 share. Ornate scrolled title, not cancelled. - Sold for £70 to bidder number 3722.

Lot 145 Share Certificates: COLLECTION of approx 20 share certificates from 20 different American railroad companies. Mostly coloured decorative types. (20) £10

Lot 146 Early and Historical Paperwork: HIBERNIAN GENERAL RAILWAY COMPANY report of a meeting held in London to propose the formation of the company to build lines in Ireland. 3pp dated 1825. - Sold for £45 to bidder number 3722.

Lot 147 Early and Historical Paperwork: LNWR pre printed letter re special trains in connection with the opening of the Ashbourne and Buxton Railway on August 1st 1899. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 4812.

Lot 148 Early and Historical Paperwork: Seventeen DUNDEE, PERTH AND ABERDEEN RAILWAY JUNCTION COMPANY headed letters from the Perth Railway Department. Dated 1847 - 1848. (Qty) - Sold for £24 to bidder number 466.

Lot 149 Early and Historical Paperwork: LANCASTER AND CARLISLE RAILWAY "Caution to Breaksmen" card. 3½" x 2½" dated Castle Station Lancaster November 1853. £10

Lot 150 Early and Historical Paperwork: STAMFORD AND ESSENDINE RAILWAY fully headed letter dated 1855. £5

Lot 151 Early and Historical Paperwork: STIRLING & DUNFERMLINE RAILWAY receipt for payment of the second share call. Ornate scrolled title, blue paper, dated 1847. Plus company report of the general meeting, undated. (2) £10

Lot 152 Early and Historical Paperwork: Four WILTS, SOMERSET AND WEYMOUTH RAILWAY paperwork items including agreement for purchase of lands, particulars of claim, act, etc. Dated 1840s. (4) - Sold for £180 to bidder number 3752.

Lot 153 Early and Historical Paperwork: Approx nineteen BODMIN & WADEBRIDGE RAILWAY paperwork items. Mostly pay sheets and supplies request forms. Dated 1860s - 80s. (Qty) - Sold for £14 to bidder number 757.

Lot 154 Early and Historical Paperwork: LONDON, SALISBURY, EXETER, PLYMOUTH & FALMOUTH RAILWAY notice re a meeting to agree the building of the railway. 4pp including map of line. Dated March 1836. - Sold for £160 to bidder number 3752.

Lot 155 Early and Historical Paperwork: STRATFORD UPON AVON CANAL NAVIGATION document re land leased to the company. Dated 1815. Very worn and fragile, punch cancelled through seal. £10

Lot 156 Early and Historical Paperwork: STOCKTON & DARLINGTON RAILWAY collection of approx 24 way bills and colliery tickets. Many different types/locations, dated 1840s-60s. (24) - Sold for £80 to bidder number 2799.

Lot 157 Early and Historical Paperwork: METROPOLITAN RAILWAY large vellum type document for the assignment of a leasehold interest in part of a property on Aldersgate. Dated 1863. - Sold for £24 to bidder number 8065.

Lot 158 Early and Historical Paperwork: PEEL RAILWAY COMPANY prospectus for a short length of line to connect Peel and Ramsey. Dated 189x. - Sold for £45 to bidder number 632.

Lot 159 Early and Historical Paperwork: ALBUM of paperwork from the Wotton Tramway and Oxford & Aylesbury Tramroad. Approx 20 items including invoices, timetable, etc. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 1143.

Lot 160 Early and Historical Paperwork: LANCASHIRE DERBYSHIRE & EAST COAST RAILWAY 1pp pre printed letter re the transfer of the undertaking to the GCR on 1st January 1907. - Sold for £10 to bidder number 911.

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