Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 17th December 2019

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Lot 601 Hardware Items: A GER 8" dial office clock, cast bezel, clockwork mechanism, GER 4310 on face, rear instruction label marked Police Office Parkeston, lacks glass.

Lot 602 Hardware Items: A German locomotive numberplate, 99 1789-9, alloy numbers on steel, 33"x8" + Deutsche Reichsbahn plate. Ex loco.

Lot 603 Hardware Items: A German locomotive numberplate, 99 586, cast iron, 23"x7½", ex loco.

Lot 604 Hardware Items: A shedplate, 12A Kingmoor, front repainted.

Lot 605 Hardware Items: A shedplate, 30A Stratford, repainted.

Lot 606 Hardware Items: A shedplate, 51L Thornaby, repainted.

Lot 607 Hardware Items: A shedplate 70D Basingstoke, front repainted.

Lot 608 Hardware Items: A Bulgarian Railway locomotive crest, 10½"x12", with date 9-9-1944 at base, cast alloy, front repainted.

Lot 609 Hardware Items: An enamel sign, CRYSTAL PALACE, within a wooden frame, 22"x6", some restoration.

Lot 610 Hardware Items: A LNER Dining Car tablecloth, the full coat of arms woven into the linen, 60"x40".

Lot 611 Hardware Items: A miniature railway loco nameplate, PRINCESS MARINA, brass letters on brass backplate. Length 23½", depth 3", unrestored.

Lot 612 Hardware Items: A destination plate from the Brighton indicator, LEEDS, enamel, length 12". £60.00

Lot 613 Hardware Items: A destination plate from the Brighton indicator, LEICESTER, enamel, length 12". £60.00

Lot 614 Hardware Items: A Rail Tour headboard, The Hampshire Branch Lines Rail Tour, (9/4/67) with tour details, Ten Locos inc Bulleids USA Tanks, etc, metal with bracket, 35½"x23½", original condition.

Lot 615 Hardware Items: An S&D Joint phone circuit framed notice, Highbridge Loco, B.O. Bason Bge, Edington Jct, Cossington, Bridgwater, 1930, 4¼"x5".

Lot 616 Hardware Items: A brass seal, LMS KINGENNIE, height 3¾". £60.00

Lot 617 Hardware Items: A key token, NEWQUAY-ST DENNIS JUNCTION, (alloy). £80.00

Lot 618 Hardware Items: A slate brewery advertising sign, INDE COOPE, BURTON & ROMFORD, 12"X25".

Lot 619 Hardware Items: A wagonplate, Bristol Wagon and Carriage Works, 1892, 10¾"x5", original condition.

Lot 620 Hardware Items: A miniature train staff, WATERFORD WEST-KILMEADEN, (alloy), from the Waterford, Dungarvon and Lismore Railway's route to Fermoy.

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