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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 16th June 2020

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Lot 101 Working Instructions: GWR instructions "Roof Labelling of Trains and Equipment and Cleaning of Train Lavatories". 10pp dated October 1941. Shows list of trains carrying roof type destination boards. £10.00

Lot 102 Working Instructions: GWR 1pp circular "Closing of Tetbury Road Station". Dated April 1882. £10.00

Lot 103 Working Instructions: GWR Central Wales Division notice No.500 re arrangements for the diversion of trains to alternative routes in cases of emergency. 16pp dated December 1943. £10.00

Lot 104 Working Instructions: LMS Chief Operating Manager's Office booklet "Toton Down Sidings - Modernisation of the Hump Area, Introduction of Railway operation and Centralised Point Operation". Card covers, 8pp plus diagram, dated May 1939. £10.00

Lot 105 Working Instructions: LMS Northern Division "Platform Arrangements for Trains Arriving and Departing from Glasgow Central Station". Foolscap sized, 19pp dated March 1945. Disbound. £10.00

Lot 106 Working Instructions: Eleven SR instructions re electrification. Mostly 1pp foolscap sized, various locations, dated 1936 - 1938. (11) £5.00

Lot 107 Working Instructions: GWR "Standards Instructions" re coach working, labelling and cleaning and equipment of train lavatories". 23pp, undated. Shows extensive list of carriage boards along with carriage numbers of restaurant and sleeping cars. £10.00

Lot 108 Working Instructions: BTC pocket sized booklet "Motive Power Depots (Steam) - Code Nos and Letters". Lists all the sheds and their codes. Dated October 1958. £10.00

Lot 109 Working Instructions: LNER Southern Scottish Area booklet "Instructions to be observed by drivers & guards when working over the North Eastern Area". Blue covers, 60pp dated April 1938. £10.00

Lot 110 Working Instructions: LNER foolscap sized folder "Aids to Advertisers on the LNER - List of Stations". 32pp dated July 1936. £10.00

Lot 111 Working Instructions: BR(E) booklet "Marshalling of Freight Trains". 55pp dated May 1980. £10.00

Lot 112 Working Instructions: BR(W) "Station Handbook - Cardiff Central and Queen Street Station". 70pp arrivals and departures booklet dated May 1977. £10.00

Lot 113 Working Instructions: BR(M) North Western Lines booklet "Arrivals and Departures of Passenger Trains Manchester Exchange". 14pp dated April 1966. £10.00

Lot 114 Working Instructions: GWR London Division booklet "Working of Coaches (Local Trains)". 26pp dated October 1940. £10.00

Lot 115 Working Instructions: GWR London Division notice No.39 "Working of Coaches, Rail Auto and Diesel Cars and Gas Tanks". 60pp dated July 1937. Spine taped. £10.00

Lot 116 Working Instructions: GWR booklet of arrival and departure times for Reading. 11pp dated October 1941. Rusty staples. £10.00

Lot 117 Working Instructions: GWR "Programme of Working of Coaches in Through Trains also Formations of Through Parcels Trains and Working of Stores Vans". 70pp dated May 1942. £10.00

Lot 118 Working Instructions: GWR "Programme shewing the Working of Passenger Coaches, Rail Cars, Parcels and Stores Vans and Gas Tanks in the Gloucester, Newport, Cardiff and Swansea Divisions". 26pp dated May 1941. £10.00

Lot 119 Signalling Paperwork: BR SIGNALBOX TRAIN REGISTER from Sileby signalbox. Duly completed for the period between March and May 1974. £10.00

Lot 120 Signalling Paperwork: BR SIGNALBOX TRAIN REGISTER from Saxmundham Junction signalbox. Duly completed for the period between November 1965 and January 1966. £10.00

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