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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 16th June 2020

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Lot 201 Maps: BRADSHAW'S "Plans of Towns to Accompany Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide". Paperback covers containing 18 maps. Circa 1890s. Minor wear, covers dusty. £5.00

Lot 202 Maps: BRADSHAW'S TABLES OF GRADIENTS issued to accompany the map of Railways of Great Britain. Hardback, 30pp dated January 1839. Spine loss, bindings loose. £10.00

Lot 203 Maps: LNWR North Union Line map of the Euxton to Bolton section. Clothbound map (based on OS 25 inch to the mile), part coloured and annotated to show land ownership and rents payable. Folds concertina style into card covers with title on label on front. Approx 12" x 25ft, circa 1912. £10.00

Lot 204 Maps: JOHN BEAL & SONS published "The Brighton and Sussex Hunting Map". 2 miles to 1" coloured map dmf into green cloth covers with 10pp list of hunts. Pre grouping railways marked. Circa 1880s. Minor wear. £10.00

Lot 205 Maps: STANFORD'S "London Atlas Map of the Port of London" dated 1858. 4" to 1 mile clothbound coloured map folding into red clothbound hardback covers. Covers very stained, map OK. £10.00

Lot 206 Maps: COMMERCIAL MAP "London Over the Border". Detailed coloured map of east London annotated to show parish boundaries. 4" to 1 mile based on Bacon's map. Dmf into card covers. Undated, worn and with fold tears. £10.00

Lot 207 Maps: WALKER'S map of the mail coach, turnpike and railroads of England and Wales with part of Scotland. Part coloured to show actual and proposed lines. Dmf into clothbound hardback covers, dated 1842. Some wear and staining to covers, map OK. £10.00

Lot 208 Maps: BARTHOLOMEW published "New Plan of Glasgow with Suburbs" produced for the Post Office Directory. Cloth backed and folded, hand coloured to show rail lines and ownership. Dated 1889. £20.00

Lot 209 Maps: GWR "Engine Route Map". RCH type map coloured to show route availability and engine type. Rolled clothbound map dated September 1931. Worn and faults at edges. £10.00

Lot 210 Plans: MIDLAND RAILWAY large sized book of plans and sections of the Huddersfield Railway. 11 cloth backed pages, dated 1906. Some wear. £10.00

Lot 211 Plans: LNWR large sized fold out "Diagram of Carriage Stock Renewals - year ending May 1908". Folds out to show coloured seating arrangement type diagrams of carriage stock. Cloth backed paper, folding into cloth covers with title in gold on front. £10.00

Lot 212 Plans: LNWR & GWR JOINT plan of Chester station showing the site of proposed trap in old up fork. 16" x 9" on linen, 30ft to 1", part coloured. £10.00

Lot 213 Plans: LISKEARD & LOOE EXTENSION RAILWAY plan of the junction with the GWR. 20" x 11" on linen, 41.66ft to 1", dated 1901. £10.00

Lot 214 Plans: CALEDONIAN RAILWAY plan of the proposed railway No.8 between Spireslack Coal Pit and Auldhouseburn near Glenbuck. Coloured, approx 30" x 24" on paper, produced for the 1896 parliamentary session. £10.00

Lot 215 Plans: NER plan of the line through Thirsk Town. Approx 14" x 10" on paper, dated 1922. Shows length in yards between various points. Some creasing and corner tears. £10.00

Lot 216 Plans: NER/LNER plan of the line through Pickering. Approx 56" x 10" on paper, folded, dated 1924 amendment of 1919 issue. Shows length in yards between various points. Some creasing and corner tears. £10.00

Lot 217 Plans: GWR Signal Engineers office copy blueprint type plan of Lifton station. 30" x 6" on paper, dated 1909. Some creasing. £10.00

Lot 218 Plans: GER office copy plan of Thames Iron Works. Approx 24" x 22" on paper, 1 chain to 1" dated 1915. Folded. £10.00

Lot 219 Plans: MIDLAND RAILWAY LT&S Section diagram of Purfleet showing a proposed diversion of a sewer. 20" x 14" on linen, dated 1920. £10.00

Lot 220 Plans: LNER detailed track plan of the lines from Clifton Carriage Sidings to Water Works signalbox and permanent way store yard to goods station. Approx 42" x 18" on paper, folded, wear at l/h edge. Dated 1930. £10.00

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