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Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 16th June 2020

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Lot 341 Publicity Material: GNR fold out brochure "The East Coast Express Route to Scotland". Green and purple illustrated covers showing loco. Opens to show map with travel info on rear. Dated October 1903. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 819.

Lot 342 Publicity Material: GNR "Holiday Manual". Official list of seaside and inland hotels, boarding houses and apartments. Coloured pictorial covers showing seaside village. 108pp including colour illustrations, dated 1913. Rusty staples. £25

Lot 343 Publicity Material: GNR "List of Agricultural Shows 1898". Two fold, thin card type with brown and yellow illustrated covers. Opens to show list of principal shows for the year. - Sold for £16 to bidder number 7308.

Lot 344 Publicity Material: EAST COAST ROUTE 40pp booklet "Quickest Between England & Scotland via the Cathedral Cities of Peterboro, Lincoln, York, Durham, Newcastle". Illustrated paperback covers showing photo of GNR 4-4-0 loco and train. Illustrated guide to places to visit, produced for the USA market circa early 1900s. - Sold for £14 to bidder number 4812.

Lot 345 Publicity Material: LNWR publication "L&NWR Hotel & Dining Car Service". Coloured pictorial covers showing company coach, 20pp detailing dining cars, refreshment rooms and hotels. Dated 1908. Minor marking to top edge of covers otherwise good. £10

Lot 346 Publicity Material: LNWR 6pp leaflet "Train Service to the Sunny South". Photo illustrated cover, opening to show timetable with map on rear. Dated October 1922. Slight wear. - Sold for £22 to bidder number 4812.

Lot 347 Publicity Material: LNWR of ENGLAND 18pp brochure "Special Express Vestibule Trains Between Riverside Station, Liverpool and London in Connection with Atlantic Steamers". Coloured pictorial covers showing Riverside station, fold out map. Dated May 1911. - Sold for £16 to bidder number 819.

Lot 348 Publicity Material: LNWR landscape format booklet "Information for Ocean Passengers Landing at Plymouth, Southampton, Dover or London". Coloured card covers, 60pp plus fold out maps, dated July 1907. Covers detached and slightly worn. - Sold for £14 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 349 Publicity Material: LNWR publication produced for the French market "Voyages Circulaires en Grande Bretagne". Pictorial paperback covers showing photos of Stratford on Avon and Conway Castle. 45pp plus fold out map, dated 1901. Text in French. Some wear and heavy foxing to covers. £10

Lot 350 Publicity Material: LNWR "Tourist Programme" from Euston and other London stations. Photo illustrated cover showing Conway Castle. 50pp dated May 1914. Some wear. - Sold for £12 to bidder number 819.

Lot 351 Publicity Material: BIG 4 leaflet "Removals by Road - Rail Containers". 6pp fold out type, green and black print with illustration of vehicle on front. Circa 1930s. - Sold for £16 to bidder number 7308.

Lot 352 Publicity Material: LNER Northern Belle desk "blotter". Fold out style in blue leather with "Cruise of the Northern Belle" and company coat of arms on front. Contains card and writing paper with Northern Belle logo. Minor wear. - Sold for £85 to bidder number 1172.

Lot 353 Publicity Material: LNER booklet "Cruises of the Northern Belle 1935". Faded blue paperback covers with illustration of train on front, 8pp detailing the itinerary of the tour. Route map on rear cover. - Sold for £14 to bidder number 1250.

Lot 354 Publicity Material: LNER 12pp fold out type brochure "Cruises of the Northern Belle - Coronation Year". Photo covers show blue coloured view of steamer on Loch Lomond. Opens to show details of facilities on board, route map and train layout. Dated June 1937. - Sold for £65 to bidder number 1053.

Lot 355 Publicity Material: LNER 12pp handbill type leaflet "Programme of The Northern Belle Train Cruises - 1935". Printed on pink coloured paper. Shows timetables for the various sections of the cruise. Horizontal fold. - Sold for £20 to bidder number 1250.

Lot 356 Publicity Material: LNER official envelope from "The Northern Belle". Company coat of arms and name of train on rear flap, front officially postmarked from the cruise in June 1934. Good, well used condition. - Sold for £24 to bidder number 1172.

Lot 357 Publicity Material: LNER 6pp pocket sized fold out leaflet "Coronation Year Cruises of the Northern Belle". Photo covers show blue coloured view of inside of the writing room. Opens to show itinerary. Dated June 1937. - Sold for £26 to bidder number 819.

Lot 358 Publicity Material: LNER brochure "Cruises of the Northern Belle - First British Train Cruise 16th to 23rd June 1933". 24pp, fully illustrated guide to places visited with fold out diagram of the arrangement of carriages. Contained in pink coloured covers with blue ribbon tie. - Sold for £70 to bidder number 1172.

Lot 359 Publicity Material: LNER booklet "The Coronation - The First Streamline Train King's Cross for Scotland". Coloured pictorial covers by Frank Newbould showing "Dominion of Canada". 12pp dated July 1937. Covers detached, slight wear. £10

Lot 360 Publicity Material: LNER 8pp handbill type leaflet "Summer Holidays Period Excursions to Eastern Counties". Coloured pictorial covers show girl and dog. Dated June 1930. - Sold for £10 to bidder number 819.

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