Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 7th June 2022

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Lot 221 Accident Reports: Pontypool Road Station, 23rd January 1974, 11pp, with plans; Glasgow Central Station, 29th March 1974, 8pp, with plans; Pollokshields East Junction, 11th June 1974, 11pp, with plans; Bletchley, 10th July 1974, 11pp, with plans; Dorchester West Station, 25th August 1974, 7pp, with plans; Hitchin, 6th October 1974, 10pp, with plans; Bridgwater, 23rd October 1974, 11pp, with plans; Cropredy, 5th November 1974, 13pp, with plans; Stewarton, 6th November 1974, 11pp, with plans; York Station, 11th January 1975, 7pp, with plans; Watford Junction, 23rd January 1975, 11pp, with plans; Oxford Station, 29th January 1975, 9pp; Bridge Street Station, 4th February 1975, 6pp; Moorgate Station, 28th February 1975, 20pp, with plans; Rutherglen Station, 31st may 1975, 12pp, with plans; Nuneaton, 6th June 1975, 19pp, with plans; Sarnau and St Clears, 28th July 1975, 19pp; Weaver Junction, 6th August 1975, 16pp, with plans; Carstairs, 24th August 1975, 7pp; Bricklayers Arms Junction, 11th September 1975, 8pp, with plans; Lunan Bay, 26th October 1975, 11pp, with plans; Ferryhill, 9th December 1975, 19pp, with plans; Clapham Junction and Wandsworth Town, 19th December 1975, 8pp, with plans. (23) - Sold for £28 to bidder number 7119.

Lot 222 Accident Reports: Worcester Tunnel Junction, 3rd January 1976, 12pp, with plans; Finsbury Park and Arsenal, 6th February 1976, 18pp, with plans; Shortlands Junction, 12th February 1976, 6pp; Reading Station, 2nd June 1976, 14pp; Laurencekirk and Carmont, 12th June 1976, 10pp, with plans; Southerham Junction, 15th June 1976, 9pp; Kilnwick Public Level Crossing, 20th June 1976, 5pp; Luton, 25th June 1976, 7pp, with plans; Merkland Street and Govan Cross, 19th July 1976, 12pp, with plans; Guildford, 19th August 1976, 4pp, with plans; Hither Green, 6th November 1976, 8pp; Melton Lane near Ferriby, 1th November 1976, 10pp; Chivers Occupation Level Crossing (No 1), 3rd December 1976, 11pp, with plans; Darlington, 16th February 1977, 11pp, with plans; Borough Market Junction, 6th May 1977, 7pp; Newcastle Station, 30th June 1977, 6pp, with plans; Wolverton and Bletchley, 2nd July 1977, 10pp, with plans; Hall Road Station, 4th July 1977, 14pp, with plans; New Cross, 3rd August 1977, 6pp; Farnley Junction Leeds, 5th September 1977, 21pp, with plans; Napsbury, 8th November 1977, 12pp; Queen Street Station, 24th December 1977, 15pp, with plans. (22) - Sold for £7 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 223 Accident Reports: Waterloo Station, 8th September 1978, 11pp, with plans; Hertford North Station, 6th February 1978, 14pp; Nuneaton, 27th March 1978, 6pp; West Byfleet, 30th March 1978, 8pp; Oyne, 12th May 1978, 7pp; Taunton, 6th July 1978, 35pp, with plans; Greenhill Lower Junction, 11th September 1978, 5pp; Hassocks and Preston Park, 19th December 1978, 15pp, with plans; Lisburn Station, 20th December 1978, 18pp, with plans; Milford Level Crossing, 22nd December 1978, 5pp; Leyton and Stratford, 17th January 1979, 6pp, with plans; Chinley North Junction, 14th February 1979, 9pp, with plans; Hampton Court Junction, 23rd February 1979, 6pp; Hilsea and Frattan, 25th February 1979, 14pp, with plans; Naas Public Level Crossing, 1st March 1979, 12pp, with plans; Sheffield, 12th March 1979, 13pp; Penmanshiel Tunnel, 17th March 1979, 7pp; Paisley (Gilmour Street), 16th April 1979, 11pp, with plans; Bushbury Junction, 13th August 1979, 8pp, with plans; Northallerton, 28th August 1979, 11pp; Invergowrie, 22nd October 1979, 22pp. (21) - Sold for £7 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 224 Accident Reports: Bushey, 16th February 1980, 14pp, with plans; Appledore, 14th March 1980, 12pp; Bushey, 20th April 1980, 4pp; Portsmouth Harbour, 27th April 1980, 9pp, with plans; Holborn Station, 9th July 1980, 6pp, with plans; Hyndland Junction, 5th June 1980, 12pp; Crewe, 7th November 1980, 12pp, with plans; Riccall Turnhead AHB Level Crossing, 15th November 1980, 4pp; Kirby's Cross, 5th April 1981, 5pp; Chester, 9th June 1981, 7pp, (x2); Goodge Street, 21st June 1981, 14pp, with plans; Parks Bridge Junction, 18th August 1981 and Bromley Junction, 13th November 1981, 12pp, with plans; Harrow North Junction, 7th September 1981, 10pp; Ulleskelf, 8th December 1981, 9pp, with plans; Seer Green, 11th December 1981, 18pp, with plans; East Croydon Station, 16th January 1982, 8pp; Nairn's Accommodation Level Crossing, 4th May 1982, 13pp, with plans; Clayton Bridge Level Crossing, 26th June 1982, 16pp; Lindsey Oil Terminal, 30th July 1982, 4pp, with plans; Wood Green Station and Bounds Green Station, 11th August 1982, 14pp, with plans; Linslade Tunnel, 9th December 1982, 7pp, with plans. (22) - Sold for £7 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 225 Accident Reports: Warrington, 3rd March 1983, 12pp, with plans; Reddish Lane Public Level Crossing, 21st January 1983, 12pp; Elgin, 3rd February 1983, 9pp; Hilden, 25th March 1983, 18pp, with plans; Brunton Lane Level Crossing, 22nd March 1983, 16pp, with plans; Polmont, 5th August 1983, 6pp; Cadder, 16th August 1983, 10pp, (x2); Pitlochry, 22nd September 1983 and Pershore, 30th November 1984, 15pp, with plans; Paddington Station, 23rd November 1983, 20pp, with plans; Wigan North Western Station, 3rd February 1984, 9pp, with plans; Wrawby Junction, 9th December 1983, 9pp, with plans; Morpeth, 24th June 1984, 25pp, with plans; Polmont, 30th July 1984, 15pp, with plans; Birtley, 1st August 1984, 14pp, with plans; Wembley Central Station, 11th October 1984, 12pp, with plans; Longsight, 3rd December 1984, 10pp; Eccles, 7th December 1984, 12pp, with plans; Leyton Station, 20th August 1984 and Kilburn, 11th December 1984, 28pp, with plans; Summit Tunnel, 20th December 1984, 26pp, with plans. (20) - Sold for £7 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 226 Accident Reports: Micheldever, 26th January 1985, 12pp, with plans; Severn Tunnel Junction, 11th February 1985, 8pp, with plans; Battersea Park Station, 31st May 1985, 9pp, with plans; Paisley, 26th September 1985, 8pp; Copyhold Junction, 6th November 1985, 22pp, with plans; Preston, 18th January 1986, 12pp, with plans; Chinley, 9th March 1986, 12pp, with plans; Motherwell, 15th June 1986, 14pp, with plans; Lockington Level Crossing, 26th July 1986, 23pp, with plans; Bridgeton, 11th September 1986, 8pp, with plans; Colwich Junction, 19th September 1986, 20pp, with plans; Kensal Green, 16th October 1986, 14pp, with plans; Chinley, 20th February 1987, 11pp, with plans; Frome, 24th March 1987, 6pp, with plans; Walton-on-Naze Station, 12th August 1987, 15pp, with plans; Glanrhyd Bridge, 19th October 1987, 32pp, with plans; Methley Junction, 8th December 1987, 17pp, with plans. (17) - Sold for £6 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 227 Accident Reports: Merstham Tunnel, 29th January 1989, 6pp; Purley, 4th March 1989, 29pp, with plans; Bellgrove Junction, 6th March 1989, 23pp, with plans; Holton Heath, 20th April 1989, 22pp; Taplow, 26th October 1989, 4pp, with plans; Huddersfield, 6th November 1989, 23pp; Chorleywood, Underground, 16th May 1990, 17pp; Carr Lane Level Crossing, 19th June 1990, 5pp; Reading, 1st August 1990, 12pp; Stafford, 4th August 1990, 17pp; Hyde North Junction, 22nd August 1990, 11pp; Cannon Street Station, 8th January 1991, 41pp; Newton Junction, 21st July 1991, 52pp, with plans; Severn Tunnel, 7th December 1991, 53pp; Cowden, 15th October 1994, 39pp, with plans; Rickerscote, 8th March 1996, 63pp, Watford, 8th August 1996, 88pp, with plans; Bexley, 4th February 1997, 52pp. (18) - Sold for £6 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 228 Accident Reports: Annual Accident Reports, 1958, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981. - Sold for £50 to bidder number 7309.

Lot 229 Accident Reports: Annual Reports, 1982-1999. (18) - Sold for £10 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 230 Accident Reports: Cowden and Hever, 7th December 1948, 2pp, London Bridge, 24th July 1949, 6pp, Boarer's Manor Way Occupation Level Crossing, 24th April 1950, 3pp. (3) - Item unsold, will be re-offered at a later date.

Lot 231 Accident Reports: Beattock Summit, 8th June 1950, 23pp. - Item unsold, will be re-offered at a later date.

Lot 232 Accident Reports: LNER, Killamarsh and Beighton, 13th February 1942, five typescript sheets. - Item unsold, will be re-offered at a later date.

Lot 233 Accident Reports: Cramlington, 10th May 1926, 8pp. - Item unsold, will be re-offered at a later date.

Lot 234 Accident Reports: Witham Jcn, 7th Mar 1950, 8pp, plans; EMUs, Second Interim Report, 1961, 35pp; Clipstone West and East Jcns, 12th May 1950, 4pp, plans; Bridge Jcn, 16th Mar 1951, 15pp, plans; Forest Gate and Manor Park, 24th May 1953, 6pp; Plessey Rd Pub Lev Xing, 4th Apr 1953, 5pp; Westwood Jcn, 1st Sep 1955, 10pp, plans; Bromley-by-Bow Stn, 1st Dec 1955, 5pp, plans; Little London Pub Lev Xing, 6th Nov 1957, 5pp; Funtham's Lane Occ Lev Xing, 27th Apr 1958, 7pp; Dagenham East Stn, 30th Jan 1958, 18pp, plans; Hitchin, 19th Nov 1958, 15pp, plans; East Ham, 12 Nov 1959, 11pp; Stobswood Occ Lev Xing, 15th Sep 1959; 7pp; Ardsley Stn, 26th Oct 1959, 8pp; Newcastle Ctrl Stn, 25th Jul 1960, 6pp; Garforth and Micklefield, 25th Apr 1960, 7pp; Leeds City Stn, 10th Aug 1961, 6pp; Pitsea Hall Occ Lev Xing, 30th Jul 1961, 7pp; Connington, 15th Dec 1961, 10pp, plans; Middle Fen Pub Lev Xing, 23rd Sep 1961, 7pp; Lincoln, 3rd Jun 1962, 7pp, plans; Bethnal Green Stn, 17th Jun 1962, 9pp, plans; Picton and Welbury, 31st Jul 1963, 8pp; Liverpool St and Bethnal Green, 13th Dec 1963, 10pp; Seven Kings Stn, 23rd Jan 1963, 8pp; Bradford Exchange Stn, 3rd Jun 1964, 15pp; Rothwell Haigh and Hunslet South Jcn Sig Boxes, 27th Sept 1964, 9pp, plans; Bethnal Grn, 12th Feb 1964, 5pp, plan; Elm Park, 29th Mar 1965, 8pp, Wickford, 24th Feb 1965, 4pp; Connington, 20th Sep 1966, 6pp, plans; Hatfield, 20th Feb 1966, 11pp, plans; Hatfield, 12th Jan 1966, 7pp, plans; Hitchin, 6th October 1974, 10pp, plans. (35) - Sold for £10 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 235 Accident Reports: Harrow and Wealdstone Station, 8th October 1952, 37pp, with plan. - Item unsold, will be re-offered at a later date.

Lot 236 Accident Reports: Harrow and Wealdstone Station, 8th October 1952, 37pp, with plans; Longfield and Farningham Road, 10th September 1963, 6pp; Llanddaniel Occupation Level Crossing, 25th May 1965, 4pp; Drayton, 8th February, 1963, 4pp; Connah's Quay, 29th August 1965, 7pp; Wickford, 24th February 1865, 4pp; Sandridge, 18th August 1965, 8pp; Liverpool Street and Bethnal Green, 13th December 1963, 10pp, covers detached; Southall Rail Accident Inquiry Report, 226pp plus annexes; Taunton, 6th July 1978, 35pp, photocopy; plus two other typescript reports. (12) - Item unsold, will be re-offered at a later date.

Lot 237 Accident Reports: Harrow and Wealdstone Station, 8th October 1952, 37pp, with plans; Bournemouth Central, 22nd January 1955, 4pp; Drayton, 8th February 1963, 4pp; Cannon Street Station, 20th March 1961, 10pp; Euston Station, 6th August 1949, 7pp; Granton Harbour Branch Line, 24th April 1953, 5pp, Brookwood and Farnborough, 22nd November 1956, 6pp; Laindon and Pitsea, 10pp; Bromley-by-Bow Station, 1st December 1955, 5pp, with plans; Slade Green and Dartford, 17th February 1959, 13pp; Bletchley, 29th May 1947, 3pp; Ford Station, 5th August 1951, 7pp; Hither Green, 6th November 1976, 8pp; Sharnbrook, 27th November 1971, 8pp, with plans: Desborough and Glendon, 3rd July 1963, 10pp; Oakley Station, 4th October 1949, 5pp, with plans; Huntingdon and Offord and Buckden, 21st June 1955, 5pp; Millbrook and Wilshamstead, 10th October 1964, 6pp; Windmill Bridge Junction, 13th February 1954, 6pp; Queen Street (High Level) Station Glasgow, 14th November 1951, 7pp, with plans. (20) - Sold for £10 to bidder number 2595.

Lot 238 Accident Reports: Hatfield, 15th July 1946, 9pp, with plan. - Item unsold, will be re-offered at a later date.

Lot 239 Accident Reports: Hixon Level Crossing, 6th January 1968, 154pp. - Sold for £20 to bidder number 657.

Lot 240 Accident Reports: Bourne End, 30/9/45, 24pp; Weedon, 21/9/51, 14pp; Polesworth, 19/11/51, 5pp; Nott Vic Stn, 30/6/52, 8pp; Dalmarnock and Bridgeton Cross, 18/8/52, 6pp; Abington, 8/8/53, 17pp; Wilnecote and Kingsbury, 16/8/53, 10pp; Luton Stn, 22/11/55, 5pp; Wormit, 28/5/55, 13pp; Luton Stn, 22/12/55, 5pp; Hooton Sth Jcn, 22/1/58, 5pp; Holmes Chapel and Sandbach, 8/2/60, 5pp; Glasgow Suburban Electric Trains, 13 and 17/12/60, Interim Report, 20pp; Holmes Chapel and Sandbach, 14/2/61, 8pp; Rugby Ctrl and Lutterworth Stns, 11/2/61, 8pp; Hall Rd Stn, 9/10/1961, 14pp; Watford Jcn and Watford High St Stns, 16/10/62, 10pp; Norton Bridge, 1/8/63, 11pp; Weedon Signalbox, 1/4/63, 9pp; Desborough and Glendon, 3/7/63, 10pp; Glendon Jcn and Kettering, 10/12/63, 6pp; Millbrook and Wilshamstead, 10/10/64, 6pp; Sandridge, 18/8/65, 8pp; East Langton, 20/8/65, 6pp; Holyhead, 4/965, 7pp; Kentish Town, 23/12/66, 7pp; Norton Xing and Acton Grange Jcn, 15/9/67, 8pp; Winwick Jcn, 11/7/67, 7pp; Stechford, 28/2/67, 9pp; Roade Jcn and Northampton, 18/4/67, 6pp; Berkhamsted, 12/6/68, 14pp; Sandridge, 12/6/68, 11pp; Willesden, 4/7/69, 10pp; Catholme Lev Xing, 15/2/69, 7pp; Monmore Green, 8/4/69, 8pp; Roade Jcn, 31/12/69, 6pp; Lichfield, Somerton, Sandy, 6-7/69, Final Report, 17pp; Albion Sdgs, 27/5/70, 9pp; Glasgow Ctl Stn, 19/10/70, 15pp; Pleck Jcn, 27/3/71, 9pp; Humberstone Rd Jcn, 6/9/72, 7pp; Kidsgrove Stn, 27/4/73, 9pp; Luton, 25/6/76, 7pp; some with plans. (43) Plus three personal accident reports. - Sold for £20 to bidder number 3756.

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