Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Sale 322P.
Closing Date: Tuesday, 7th June 2022

Sheffield Railwayana Auctions Sale 322P, Auction Lot 222

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Lot 222

Category: Accident Reports

Worcester Tunnel Junction, 3rd January 1976, 12pp, with plans; Finsbury Park and Arsenal, 6th February 1976, 18pp, with plans; Shortlands Junction, 12th February 1976, 6pp; Reading Station, 2nd June 1976, 14pp; Laurencekirk and Carmont, 12th June 1976, 10pp, with plans; Southerham Junction, 15th June 1976, 9pp; Kilnwick Public Level Crossing, 20th June 1976, 5pp; Luton, 25th June 1976, 7pp, with plans; Merkland Street and Govan Cross, 19th July 1976, 12pp, with plans; Guildford, 19th August 1976, 4pp, with plans; Hither Green, 6th November 1976, 8pp; Melton Lane near Ferriby, 1th November 1976, 10pp; Chivers Occupation Level Crossing (No 1), 3rd December 1976, 11pp, with plans; Darlington, 16th February 1977, 11pp, with plans; Borough Market Junction, 6th May 1977, 7pp; Newcastle Station, 30th June 1977, 6pp, with plans; Wolverton and Bletchley, 2nd July 1977, 10pp, with plans; Hall Road Station, 4th July 1977, 14pp, with plans; New Cross, 3rd August 1977, 6pp; Farnley Junction Leeds, 5th September 1977, 21pp, with plans; Napsbury, 8th November 1977, 12pp; Queen Street Station, 24th December 1977, 15pp, with plans. (22)
 This lot sold for £7 to bidder number 4848.

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