Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Postal Auction Catalogue, Closing Date: Tuesday, 7th June 2022

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Previous Lots

Lot 201 Locomotive Working & Records: GNR of Ireland, Engines Out ledger, 2nd December 1936-30th July 1937, lists all engine numbers, driver and firemen's names, journeys and remarks, a substantial volume, though lacking board covers and spine. Also, local traffic distances notice. - Sold for £170 to bidder number 4505.

Lot 202 Locomotive Working & Records: BR(S), Hastings Unit, descriptive booklet with plans, 1957, 8pp. - Sold for £18 to bidder number 9539.

Lot 203 Locomotive Working & Records: LMS, Loco Allocations, 1935, showing division and shed and changes of allocation, well used but a great many moves recorded. - Sold for £50 to bidder number 1426.

Lot 204 Locomotive Working & Records: LMS Northern Division, Diagrams And Numbers Of Locomotives, St Rollox 1934, 136pp, within titled screw binder. - Sold for £12 to bidder number 2595.

Lot 205 Locomotive Working & Records: LNER (NE Area), Goods Engine and Trainmens' Working, Newcastle District, 31st May 1943, 16pp. - Sold for £10 to bidder number 820.

Lot 206 Locomotive Working & Records: Quantity of BR Locomotive Casualty Report Sheets, covering depots on the Midland Region, and other material. - Sold for £8 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 207 Locomotive Working & Records: Mechanical Casualties, Bristol Engines, 1st January 1961 - 30th June 1963, also includes foreign casualties, spins split and contents loose, a unique record. - Sold for £70 to bidder number 1181.

Lot 208 Locomotive Working & Records: SR, Engine Diagram Book, Ashford Works, title page marked REL Maunsell crossed out and changed to OV Bulleid, loco diagrams including SR diesels, some wear. - Sold for £10 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 209 Locomotive Working & Records: BR, Diesel Shunting Loco Diagrams, 1962. - Sold for £35 to bidder number 7119.

Lot 210 Locomotive Working & Records: BR, Diagrams Of Specially Constructed Vehicles. Also number index. (2) - Sold for £50 to bidder number 459.

Lot 211 Locomotive Working & Records: BR(W), Travelling Crane Diagrams, 1972. - Sold for £24 to bidder number 7119.

Lot 212 Accident Reports: Barnes Station, 2nd December 1955, 30pp, with plans; Luton Station, 22nd December 1955, 5pp, with plans; Hellifield Station, 22nd December 1955, 8pp (x2); Ludlow, 6th September 1956, 8pp, with plans; London Bridge Station, 22nd October 1956, 7pp, with plans; Newlay and Horsforth, 22nd November 1956, 8pp; Brookwood and Farnborough, 22nd November 1956, 6pp; Droylsden Station, 22nd November 1956, 8pp, with plans; Welwyn Garden City Station, 7th January 1957, 27pp, with plans; Portsmouth and Southsea Station, 15th April 1957, 4pp, with plans; Little London Public Level Crossing near Stallingborough, 6th November 1957, 7pp; St Johns Station Lewisham, 4th December 1957, 27pp, with plans; Preston, 16th January 1958, 4pp, with plans; Dagenham East Station, 30th January 1958, 18pp, with plans; Chinley, 8th March 1958, 6pp, with plans; Funtham's Lane Occupation Level Crossing near Whittlesea, 27th April 1958, 6pp; Maze Hill, 4th July 1958, 6pp, with plans; Shepherds Bush and Holland Park, 28th July 1958, 24pp, with plans; Borough Market Junction, 12th August 1958, 7pp; Eastbourne Station, 25th August 1958, 8pp, with plans; Lunan Bay, 2nd September 1958, 8pp; Hitchin, 19th November 1958, 15pp, with plans. (22) - Sold for £12 to bidder number 2595.

Lot 213 Accident Reports: Slough Station, 1st May 1959, 7pp, with plans; Slade Green and Dartford, 17th February 1959, 13pp; Stobswood Occupation Level Crossing, 15th September 1959, 8pp; Smedley Viaduct Signal Box, 15th October 1959, 5pp, with plans; Slade Lane Junction Levenshulme, 23rd November 1959, 4pp, with plans; Balnaguard Halt, 20th November 1959, 6pp; Ardsley Station, 26th October 1959, 8pp; Settle, 21st January 1960, 14pp, with plans; Borough Market Junction, 28th January 1960, 6pp, with plans; Holmes Chapel and Sandbach, 8th February 1960, 5pp; Herne Hill Sorting Sidings Signal Box, 1st April 1960, 8pp, with plans; Garforth and Micklefield, 25th April 1960, 7pp, Waterloo, 3rd June 1960, 10pp, with plans; Newcastle Central Station, 25th July 1960, 6pp; Redbridge and Gants Hill, 11th August 1960, 19pp, with plans; Castlecary, 2nd September 1960, 13pp; New Mills (Central) Station, 12th October 1960, 7pp; Pontrhydyfen and Cwmavon, 24th November 1960, 9pp; North Belton Occupation Level Crossing, 2nd December 1960, 6pp. (19) - Sold for £7 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 214 Accident Reports: Strande Castle Occupation Level Crossing, 6th January 1961, 6pp; Royton Station, 8th February 1961, 8pp; Rugby (Central) and Lutterworth, 11th February 1961, 8pp, with plans; Baschurch, 13th February 1961, 8pp; Holmes Chapel and Sandbach, 14th February 1961, 8pp, with plans; Cannon Street Station, 20th March 1961, 10pp; Waterloo, 11th April 1961, 11pp; Laindon and Pitsea, 18th April 1961, 9pp, with plan; Singleton Bank near Weeton, 16th July 1961, 28pp, with plans; Pitsea Hall Occupation Level Crossing, 30th July 1961, 7pp; Leeds City Station, 10th August 1961, 6pp; West Street Public Level Crossing, 15th September 1961, 7pp; Middle Fen Public Level Crossing, 23rd September 1961, 7pp, Hall Road Station, 9th October 1961, 14pp, with plans; Bodmin General Station, 7th December 1961, 7pp; Connington, 15th December 1961, 10pp with plans; Failures of EMUs on BR Final Report, 71pp, with plans. (17) - Sold for £6 to bidder number 4848.

Lot 215 Accident Reports: Polmont East, 5th February 1962, 12pp, with plans; King Edward Bridge Junction, 19th March 1962, 8pp; Lincoln, 3rd June 1962, 8pp with plans; Bethnal Green Station, 17th June 1962, 9pp, with plans; Barnham, 1st August 1962, 5pp, with plans; Torquay, 25th August 1962, 7pp; Watford Junction and Watford High Street, 16th October 1962, 10pp; Victoria and St James's Park, 22nd November 1962, 9pp, with plans; Winsford Station and Coppenhall Junction, 26th December 1962, 11pp, with plans; Seven Kings Station, 23rd January 1963, 8pp; Bracebridge Gas Sidings Signal Box, 25th January 1963, 9pp; Drayton, 8th February 1963, 4pp; Weedon Signal Box, 1st April 1963, 9pp, with plans; Kings Langley, 21st April 1963, 11pp, with plans; Desborough and Glendon, 3rd July 1963, 10pp; Picton and Welbury, 31st July 1963, 8pp; Norton Bridge, 1st August 1963, 11pp with plans; Knowle and Dorridge, 15th August 1963, 10pp, with plans; Longfield and Farningham Road, 10th September 1963, 6pp; Stanton Gate, 6th December 1963, 7pp, with plans; Glendon Junction and Kettering, 10th December 1963, 6pp; Liverpool Street and Bethnal Green, 13th December 1963, 10pp. (22) - Sold for £20 to bidder number 3756.

Lot 216 Accident Reports: Bethnal Green, 12th February 1964, 5pp, with plans; Itchingfield Junction, 5th March 1964, 9pp, with plans; Cheadle Hulme Station, 28th May 1964, 7pp; Bradford (Exchange) Station, 3rd June 1964, 14pp; Nantwich Station Level Crossing, 25th June 1964, 8pp; Rothwell Haigh and Hunslet South Junction Signal Boxes, 27th September 1964, 9pp, with plans; Cil-Gwrgan Public Level Crossing, 23th September 1964, 4pp; Henwick Hall, 28th October 1964, 8pp; Millbrook and Wilshamstead, 10th October 1964, 6pp; Coton Hill, 11th January 1965, 15pp, with plans; Wickford, 24th February 1965, 8pp; Elm Park, 29th March 1965, 8pp; Clapham Junction, 10th May 1965, 9pp, with plans; Hest Bank, 20th May 1965, 7pp, with plans; Llanddaniel Occupation Level Crossing, 25th May 1965, 4pp; York, 15th June 1965, 6pp, with plans; Sandridge, 18th August 1965, 8pp; East Langton, 20th August 1965, 6pp; Connah's Quay, 29th August 1965, 7pp; Holyhead, 4th September 1965, 7pp; Llanharan, 26th September 1965, 7pp, with plans, Roundstone Level Crossing, 22nd September 1965, 5pp, Reading General and Reading West, 28th December 1965, 8pp, with plans; Bold Colliery near St Helens, 29th December 1965, 11pp, with plans. (24) - Sold for £24 to bidder number 864.

Lot 217 Accident Reports: Hatfield, 12th January 1966, 7pp, with plans; Napsbury, 9th February 1966, 11pp; Steventon, 21st January 1966, 8pp, with plans; Hatfield, 20th February 1966, 11pp, with plans; Acton Grange Junction, 13th May 1966, 7pp; Kingham, 15th July 1966, 7pp; Sittingbourne, 27th July 1966, 8pp; Connington, 20th September 1966, 6pp, with plans; Chipping Sodbury, 20th September 1966, 10pp, with plans; Kentish Town, 23rd December 1966, 7pp, with plans; St Anne's Park Bristol, 11th January 1967, 7pp, with plans; Stechford, 28th February 1967, 11pp, with plans; Connington South, 5th March 1967, 10pp, with plans; Roade Junction and Northampton, 18th April 1967, 6pp, with plans; Tyesley Station Birmingham, 2nd May 1967, 10pp, with plans; Winwick Junction, 11th July 1967, 7pp, with plans; Acklington and Chevington, 15th July 1967, 7pp; Maidstone East Station, 17th July 1967, 9pp, with plans; Thirsk, 31st July 1967, 12pp, with plans; Norton Crossing and Acton Grange Junction, 15th September 1967, 8pp; Foxhall Junction Didcot, 27th September 1967, 8pp, with plans; Hither Green, 5th November 1967, 33pp, with plans; Raynes Park, 28th November 1967, 7pp. (23) - Sold for £20 to bidder number 3756.

Lot 218 Accident Reports: Trent Road Public Level Crossing Beckingham, 16th April 1968, 10pp, with plans; Berkhamsted, 12th June 1968, 14pp, with plans; Sandridge, 12th June 1968, 11pp, with plans; Castlecary, 9th September 1968, 12pp, with plans; Neasden Station, 23rd September 1968, 11pp, with plans; Selside, 30th October 1968, 7pp; Darlington, 11th December 1968, 12pp, with plans; Norwood Junction, 31st December 1968, 8pp, with plans; Paddock Wood and Marden, 4th January 1969, 20pp, with plans; Catholme Level Crossing, 15th February 1969, 7pp; Ashchurch Station, 8th March 1969, 12pp, with plans; Monmore Green, 8th April 1969, 7pp, with plans; Morpeth, 7th May 1969, 14pp, with plans; Beattock, 18th May 1969, 9pp, with plans; Interim Report, Lichfield, Somerton, Sandy, June and July 1969, 17pp, with plans; Final Report, Lichfield, Somerton, Sandy, June and July 1969, 17pp, with diagrams; Willesden, 4th July 1969, 10pp, with plans; Chelmsford, 22nd October 1969, 6pp, with plans; Lapworth Station, 28th November 1969, 7pp; Great Coates Level Crossing near Grimsby, 28th November 1969, 8pp; Waterloo Station, 5th December 1969, 9pp, with plans; Roade Junction, 31st December 1969, 6pp. (22) - Sold for £20 to bidder number 3756.

Lot 219 Accident Reports: Dowdyke Bank Level Crossing, 28th January 1970, 10pp, with plans; Audenshaw Junction, 20th May 1970, 12pp, with plans; Albion Sidings Oldbury, 27th May 1970, 9pp, with plans; Neville Hill near Leeds, 8th June 1970, 10pp; Shalmsford Street Occupation Level Crossing, 15th July 1970, 7pp, with plans; Longhedge Junction, 30th August 1970, 14pp, with plans; Low Fields Farm Level Crossing, 17th October 1970, 5pp; Glasgow Central Station, 19th October 1970, 15pp, with plans; Bexley Station, 12th November 1970, 7pp; Upper Denton Public Level Crossing, 24th December 1970, 7pp, with plans; Hare Park Junction, 27th December 1970, 9pp, with plans; Wickford, 31st January 1971, 5pp, with plan; Sheerness-on-Sea, 26th February 1971, 6pp; Pleck Junction Walsall, 27th March 1971, 9pp, with plans; Tooting Broadway, 4th May 1971, 7pp, with plan; Bescar Lane near Southport, 9th May 1971, 5pp; Totley Tunnel, 24th May 1971, 13pp, with plans; Copyhold Junction, 28th June 1971, 4pp, with plan; Tattenhall Junction, 2nd July 1971, 13pp, with plans; Surbiton, 4th July 1971, 7pp, with plans; Oxenholme, 10th September 1971, 8pp, with plans; Beattock, 6th October 1971, 14pp, with plans; Sharnbrook, 27th November 1971, 8pp, with plans; Portsmouth & Southsea Station, 15th December 1971, 5pp, with plans; Lenton South Junction, 16th December 1971, 12pp, with plans. (25) - Sold for £26 to bidder number 3756.

Lot 220 Accident Reports: Horsham Station, 8th January 1972, 12pp, with plans; Edgware Road Station, 26th January 1972, 6pp, with plans; Funtham's Lane Occupation Level Crossing, 8th March 1972, 8pp, with plan; Whittlesea, 15th March 1972, 9pp; Drem, 25th March 1972, 10pp, with plans; Chester General Station, 8th May 1972, 12pp, with plans; Chathill, 28th May 1972, 11pp, with plan; Eltham (Well Hall) Station, 11th June 1972, 24pp, with plans; Nuneaton, 29th August 1972, 6pp; Humberstone Road Junction, 6th September 1972, 7pp, with plans; Clapham Junction, 7th September 1972, 6pp, with plans; Wimbledon Station,, 12th October 1972, 8pp, with plan; Copyhold Junction, 16th December 1972, 6pp, with plans; Kidsgrove Station, 27th April 1973, 9pp, with plans; Berkhampsted, 6th June 1973, 8pp, with plans; Cadder, 2nd July 1973, 7pp; Shields Junction, 30th August 1973, 8pp, with plans; Bethnal Green, 2nd October 1973, 10pp, with plans; Dingwall, 5th November 1973, 5pp, with plan; Whitehaven, 27th November 1973, 10pp, with plan; West Ealing, 19th December 1973, 14pp, with plans; Lower Darwen, 27th December 1973, 12pp, with plans. (22) - Sold for £7 to bidder number 4848.

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